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1001 ways to confuse your opponent: Confusions 1 to 30

The following has been mercilessly stolen from some other website because I thought it was funny. I hope whoever came up with it originally didn't mind me sharing it with others, because the original site has now gone.

1. Bring a hand puppet. Question it constantly as to what is the best course of action.

2. Bring a small model coffin with undertakers. Every time a model dies, escort it off the battlefield and give it model funeral. Remember to hum the funeral theme tune.

3. Bring a falsified rulebook ( hours of fun ).

4. Shave your head. Paint your skin green. Wear a nose ring. Grunt a lot.

5. Flip a coin at the start of the game. After observing the outcome, claim that you have won the game. Look upset if your opponent denies this. Sulk.

6. Bring 20 printed pages of notes and intellectual-looking glasses. Refuse to let your opponent look at them. Refer to them throughout the game. Speak aloud as you read- "he's gone there, so contingency plan 8a means that I should..."

7. Insist opponent rolls all your dice for you. Complain and insult your opponent if you get any bad rolls.

8. Before the game, do a little dance and motion to the gods. Curse your opponent dramatically.

9. Arrive before your opponent. Set up your army and then take the other side of the table. Act as if you are expecting to play with your opponent's army.

10. Add a spring loading system to your cannon. Bring lots of ball bearings.

11. Bring a plastic kid's sword and 'challenge' your opponent. If he refuses, claim you have won the game through his forfeit.

12. Play dead if your general dies.

13. Bring a Land-raider model from 40K. Leave it sitting conspicuously on your side of the table. Make cryptic references to the power of lascannon in WHFB.

14. Complain that you don't think you can trust your hero.

15. Act as if you are a sports commentator. Commentate on the game. Incessantly.

16. Ask politely if your opponent wouldn't kill your general. Explain that its his birthday.

17. Bring a smoke machine. Insist on recreating the "fog of war".

18. Sacrifice a goblin to Mork before the game. Saw off its head with a craft knife.

19. Arrange models in a diorama in the middle of the battle. Take photos for a "battle report."

20. Sharpen your goblins' spears before the game with a craft knife. Grin widely.

21. Cackle diabolically. "The World is mine! Nothing can stop me now!"

22. State before the game that you are playing for the title of the champion of the universe.

23. Feel the personal loss of every soldier. "Alas, poor Yorrick, I knew him well."

24. Lament the woes of war loudly. Faint when a model dies.

25. Add sound FX. KABOOM!

26. Ask if you can have TV rights to the game.

27. Just to surprise your opponent, agree amicably with and compliment your opponent!

28. Declare that you are opposed to the senseless destruction of our  forests. Refuse to let him kill your treeman. Refuse to let him move through woods.

29. Insist on a lunch break for your troops. Bring a model Mr. Whippy van.

30. Explain that you are a pacifist. Call off the game immediately.