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Orks Vs Space Marines battle report: The First Turns

The following battle report is from the points of view of the commanders, and is not segregated into exact army turns.  Therefore some things may be repeated from different points of view.

Ork Turn 1

The Orks had deployed across a fairly wide front, and surged forward as a large green wave. Their only thought, finding the Idem crystals.
"Da boyz woz outta range, even da big shootas. Da marines didn't 'urt da boyz either."

Space Marine Turn 1

As it was still only the first turn I could not roll for reinforcements turning up. All my troops advanced to search for the valuable Idem crystals, all apart from a squad with a rocket launcher which was stationed in a bunker in my deployment zone. Only my rocket launcher was within range but it failed to wound. 

Ork Turn 2

The slugga boyz mounted the watch tower, while the shoota boyz climbed up the Ork Fort. The Grots headed left towards a small ruin, where there could be more Idem. The Bikes turned up and sped across the battle field, to try to stop the marines checking a site.
"Da big shootas hit but da marines still stood. Dey must be well 'ard. Da Grots ain't well 'ard, loads died from da marine's gunz."

Space Marine Turn 2

It was the second turn so I could check for reinforcements. Only my confessor turned up. For my assassin and command squad I rolled two threes. I needed fours! The first enemy fell as I cut down 5 Gretchin from shooting. I was still out of range for the areas that have been tipped as Idem rich areas.

Ork Turn 3

The warboss sped onto the table, with his bodyguard, in their wartrukk. The Shoota boyz and the Slugga boyz had wasted their time, there was no Idem in the tower or the Ork Fort.
"Da Shoota boyz killed one o' dem marines, but da biker boyz woz killed an all. One woz shot, one burnt and one rokkit launchad"

Space Marine Turn 3

I checked again to see if my reserves turned up but they were still quite a while away from the battle. I managed to get within range of two of the sites but none of them yielded any Idem crystals. In the shooting phase one Ork biker was cut down by bolter fire, a second by a flamer blast and a third was destroyed by a missile. Still, only one of the brave Marines had been cut down by the crude weaponry of the Orks.