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Waaagh! Grimjaw - Troop Conversions

This page contains all of the Troop conversions. I also have a page for the Character and Vehicle Conversions.
Plastic parts have the part code for the entire sprue. Items such as Glyph Plates and extra guns for the crew have generally been left off the parts lists, as they are simply added detail, and not important conversion parts. My Brother collects Fantasy Orcs and so if it says Orc in the parts list, it means Orc, if it says Ork it means Ork.

Conversion List

Big Shoota Boyz

Each Big Shoota Boy requires the following parts:

1 x Ork Body (99380103001 for all parts)
1 x Ork Legs
1 x Pair of Shoota Arms
1 x Ork Head
2 x Shootas
Extra Bits

  1. Build the Shoota Boy as per usual, but don't add the gun.
  2. Cut the Barrel off one Shoota and cut the tip off the other Shoota.
  3. Glue the two Barrels together so that the Shoota now has an extra long Barrel.
  4. Add the Extra Bits (bullets, knives etc)

To make the Ork look like he is firing, use one of the open mouthed heads and the Legs with the Ork Head Buckle. The head looks like the Ork is having fun going DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA, while the legs are the best to put the Ork on his Heels so that it looks like he is fighting the Big Shoota.

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The Mob of 5 Bikers require the following parts:

3 x Complete Bike Kits (00801L)
2 x Gorkamorka Biker Kits
1 x Speargun Driver (040301511)
2 x Ork Slugga Arms
Some Clear Plastic
4 x Glyph Plates (Selection from 9947040301305, 9947040301306 and 9947040301307)
1 x Trukk Ram (from 99390403002)
1 x Slugga
1 x Stikkbomb from Gorkamorka Boyz Sprue or Stikkbommerz accessories (9947010308005)
1 x Plastic Space Marine Shoulder Pad
A piece of metal Sprue from the Glyphs

  1. Build up the Bikes as per usual.
  2. Remove the Evil Sunz Glyphs from 4 Bikes and replace with Glyph Plates
  3. Make up one Biker as per usual, and stick the Slugga and Sikkbomb to his bike. (Bike 1)
  4. Make up one Biker as the Gorkamorka Biker, with his slugga rested on the handlebars. (Bike 2)
  5. Make up one biker with the Gorkamorka Arms and the Speargun Driver Body. He should be waving his Slugga in the air. (Bike 3)
  6. Make up one Biker as an ordinary Biker, with a Ork Slugga Left Arm. (Bike 4)
  7. Make up one Biker as an ordinary Biker, with a Ork Slugga Right Arm. (Bike 5)
  8. To vary the Bikes more, follow the next steps as well.
  9. Bike 1: Remove the cross bar of the handlebar, and replace it with the plastic.
  10. Bike 2: Remove the Headlights and add Greenstuff Scythes (He is my Nob)
  11. Bike 3: Remove the Crossbar from the Handlebars and replace it with the piece of Metal Sprue. Also remove the supports from the Ram, and glue it along the back of the Guns
  12. Bike 4: Do Nothing
  13. Bike 5: Remove the Headlights, and glue them on top of the crossbar of the Handlebars.

Because all of my bikers are converted, they are all my work. Some even have the banners removed, but that is more to make it easy to store them.

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Burna Boy

The Burna Boy (who is about retired now that the Slugga Boys have been replaced by new models) requires the following parts:

1 x Old Plastic Goff Ork
1 x Trukk Big Shoota (from 99390403002)
1 x Shoota (from 99380103001)

  1. Remove the Axe from the Goffs Left Hand.
  2. Cut the Left Arm off at the elbow, and twist it so that the thumb is facing out.
  3. Remove the Slugga from the Goffs Right Hand.
  4. Remove the clip from the bottom of the Trukk Big Shoota.
  5. Cut out the narrow part of the barrel of the Big Shoota, but keep the wide part with the hole in itl.
  6. Place the gun across the Goffs Right Hand, to his left hand and glue the end of the barrel so that it looks like he is holding it.
  7. Remove the barrel and trigger from a shoota with a round ammo clip and glue it onto the Big Shoota as a fuel canister.
  8. Cut the Axe Head off the Shaft.
  9. Cut the bottom spike off the Axe Head and use it as a Bayonet on the Big Shoota
  10. Cover the Goffs face with Greenstuff and model in eyes etc. to look like a Welding Mask.
  11. Glue some wire wool to the end of the Big Shoota and paint it to look like flames and smoke

I had a Big Shoota from the Spear Gun Trukk, and decided that it would be better for a Slugga Mob to have a Burna rather than a Big Shoota. This conversion was the only Burna I had, and the Mask was based on the Burna Boyz Model.

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Old Slugga Boyz

One Slugga Boy requires the following parts:

1 x Goff Boy

  1. Cut the Goffs Slugga Arm just below his Shoulder Pad.
  2. Remove the Elbow from the Arm.
  3. Add Greenstuff to the Shoulder Pad so that the elbow is replaced.
  4. Glue the Arm onto the Greenstuff Elbow
  5. Glue the Arm on to the body so that it points forwards.

This was my first ever conversion and so is very simple. I did it to make the Goff look like he is shooting his Slugga. To improve it you could also twist the gun 90° so that he is in a Gangsta Shooting pose.

I also individualised lots of my other Goffs. They were all simple adaptaions, such as removing tops and bottoms of axes, swaping head and axe spikes, removing head spikes and guing the m on others etc. (One of my Goffs has his original 2 curved Horns, 2 extra curved Horns from another Goff and his normal central one, making him look like a complete nutter)

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