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Warhammer 40,000 Product List

Although Games Workshop currently only support two main games (Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000) plus the Lord of the Rings franchise they used to make many more games and other items.

Below is a list of all of the Games Workshop games and main books that have been made and based in the universe of the future. These items can sometimes be found in 'Charity Shops' in the UK for only a couple of pounds, or they can be found on auction sites such as eBay.

Warhammer 40,000

The main Warhammer 40,000 game has currently gone through four versions, gradually becoming darker, more gothic and more characterful as the editions progress.

Warhammer 40,000 4th Edition (August 2004 - Present)

The latest incarnation of the game, and a minor revision on the 3rd Edition. It continues the aim of making infantry more important in flowing games, but alters combat for swifter conclusions and improves the handling of vehicles and tanks to make them more viable.

  • Rulebook - sold separately in 'normal' or 'special edition' formats.
  • The Battle for Macragge (40K Starter Set) - Contained 10 Space Marines, 10 Termagants, 8 Genestealers, 8 spore mines, crashed space ship plastic scenery, dice, clear plastic templates, campaign/introduction booklet and a condensed version of the full rulebook.
  • The Battle Rages On - a Battle for Macragge suplement that contains a collection of new material from the official website.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Wargear - a single book that contains the rules and statistics of all of the weapons and wargear for all of the currently available armies.

  • Codex:
    • Space Marines
      • Black Templars - the crusading Space Marines chapter.
    • Daemonhunters
    • Tyranids
    • Eye of Terror - Abaddon's 13th crusade and rules for the Chaos 'Lost and the Damned', the Eldar Ulthwe Strike Force, the Space Wolves 13th Company and the Cadians regiment of the Imperial Guard.
Warhammer 40,000 3rd Edition (October 1998 - August 2004)

The most recent full re-incarnation of the game of battles in the war torn 41st millenium aimed to redress the balance lost in previous versions. The focus is now on Troops and massed assaults instead of super-powerful tanks and tooled up characters.

Army balance is maintained using "Force Organisation Charts" during army selection.

With the new release, three new races has been added (Dark Eldar, Tau and Kroot) and two older forces have been turned into more complete armies (Sisters of Battle and Necrons).

  • Rule Book - Sold seperately by Games Workshop to allow veteran players to use the new rules without having to buy a complete boxed set.
  • Boxed Game - Contained 32 Dark Eldar Warriors, 20 Space Marines and a Land Speeder as well as Gothic Ruins and Jungle scenery sprues, clear plastic templates and the Rule Book.
  • Codex:
    • Space Marines
      • Blood Angels
      • Dark Angels
      • Space Wolves
    • Imperial Guard
      • Catachans
    • Eldar
      • Craftworld Eldar
    • Dark Eldar
    • Orks
    • Chaos Space Marines
    • Tyranids
    • Tau
    • Assassins - Bundled free with a White Dwarf, but also sold seperately
    • Armageddon - Ork and Imperial Guard armies in the fight for the Armageddon Hive World
    • City Fight - Take your battle off the plains and into the streets with new rules for fighting in built up areas
Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition (October 1993 - September 1998)

After lots of rules releases and add-ons over the life time of 40K 1st Edition, Games Workshop decided that a tidy-up was in order. Away went random weapons tables and enough rules to create a library, and in came a slightly cleaner new system.

Second Edition still used lots of rules and tables, but everything was integrated and simplified from the start.

  • Boxed Game - Contained 20 Orks, 20 Space Marines, 20 Gretchin, a card Ork Dreadnought and numerous Card Ruins plus the three books required to play - Wargear, Index Astartes and the Rulebook.
  • "Dark Millenium" Expansion pack - contained rules and cards for further equipment and Psykers in your 2nd Edition games.
  • Codex:
    • Angels of Death - Rules for both the Blood Angels and the Dark Angels
    • Space Wolves
    • Ultramarines - Rules for both the Ultramarines and any other Codex chapter
    • Sisters of Battle
    • Eldar
    • Imperial Guard
    • Orks
    • Tyranids
    • Chaos
    • Assassins
  • White Dwarf Presents: Warhammer 40,000 Battles - A collection of useful articles and battle reports from White Dwarf in one compilation
  • Storm of Vengance Campaign Pack - Dark Angels Vs Orks scenarios and campaign rules as well as some cardboard scenery
Warhammer 40,000 1st Edition AKA "Rogue Trader" (September 1987 - September 1993)

This was the first of Games Workshop's main games to go into the world of "Science Fantasy". The game differed from Warhammer in that it was mainly skirmish based, capable of battles between a dozen models.

As the game progressed, more and more rules were released covering walkers, vehicles, new races and unusual squads and characters.

  • Rule Book - A hardback book containing all of the rules required to start playing the First Edition of the game
  • Warhammer 40,000 Compendium - Further rules and background for the First Edition of the game.
  • Warhammer 40,000 Compilation - I am assuming that this was a compilation book of general Warhammer 40,000 rules from White Dwarf
  • Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle Manual - I am assuming that this was a compilation book of all of the vehicle rules for Warhammer 40,000 including the variuos datafaxes and rules updates that were included in White Dwarf.
  • Warhammer 40,000 Battle Manual - Again, this was probably another compilation of White Dwarf Articles.
  • Chapter Approved - Book of The Astronomican - The first ever book of Chapter Approved content.
  • Realms of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness - The first of two companions for both Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 detailing the rules and background of the new armies of Chaos.
  • Realm of Chaos - The Lost and the Damned - The second companion book for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 detailing the armies and scenery of the armies of Chaos
  • Waaargh: Orks - a source book for the Orks, but one which contained no rules. Great for the fluff-addicts.
  • 'Ere We Go - the first true Ork Codex, containing details of their weapons and bionics, and a good collection of fiction.
  • Freebooterz - an Ork Codex of the more unusual units from the Rogue Trader days, including Ork Pirates, Chaos Orks and Possessed Warpheads.

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Epic scale games

Epic scale games work on a much smaller scale than Warhammer 40,000, allowing for much bigger battles. Originally starting as Titan and Gargant only affairs, they then developed into full sweeping battles of entire companies of troops.

Epic 40,000 (April 1997 - Present)

Continuing Games Workshop's battles on a small scale, Epic 40,000 replaced the now complicated rules of Epic Space Marine and Epic Titan Legions with one simpler set of rules for troops, vehicles and Titans.

A "Players Edition" was later released by Fanatic once Games Workshop had stopped main support for it, followed by a free download of the rules.

  • Boxed Game - Contained minatures for Space Marine and Ork armies, as well as rules and scenery to start playing with.
  • "Players Edition" book - All of the rules for Epic 40,000 were reprinted in a "Players Edition" Rule Book by "Fanatic"
  • Free rulebook downloads - continually updated with the latest Errata, Fanatic now have free downloads of the full Epic rules
Epic Titan Legions (November 1994 - March 1997)

After the troop orientation of Epic Space Marine, Games Workshop replaced it with Epic Titan Legions. The game followed on from Space Marine in the same vein, but concentrated more on Mega Gargants and huge Titans rather than the large amounts of troops.

  • Boxed Game - Contained minatures for the Imperiator Titan as well as smaller Knights, plus two Maga-Gargants and Battlewagons. Also contained in the box were rules and play sheets plus cardboard Imperial and Ork buildings.
Space Marine 2nd Edition (September 1991 - October 1994)

A revised and improved Epic game, it took its name from its previous incarnation.

Space Marine was based around large formations of troops with accompanying vehicles and Titans, although the majority of game play revolved around tactical use of troops.

  • Boxed Games - Contained minatures for the generic Space Marine, Ork and Eldar troops with standard transport vehicles for each race as well as card Imperial buildings with plastic rooves. Also included was all of the rules, templates and cards that could ever be needed to learn and play Epic Space Marine.
  • "Space Marine Battles" - A book containing a compilation of all of the best battle reports from White Dwarf.
  • "Armies of the Imperium" - A boxed expansion pack giving further detail and troop choices for the armies of the Imperium, the Imperial Guard and the Space Marines. Included Armies book, unit cards for army selection and card templates.
  • "Renegades" - A boxed expansion pack giving further detail and troop choices for the Chaos and Eldar armies. Included Armies book, unit cards for army selection and card templates.
  • "Ork and Squat Warlords" - A boxed expansion pack giving further detail and troop choices for the Ork and Squat armies. Included Armies book, unit cards for army selection and card templates.
Space Marine 1st Edition (Unknown - August 1991)

The first of the Epic scale games to give rules for foot troopers and their vehicles. The game was based around the huge battles that arose during the Horus Heresy and allowed players to refight the massed infantry battles.

  • Boxed Game - Contained over 360 Epic scale Space Marines and armoured vehicles (Rhinos and Land Raiders) along with card and plastic buildings, datacards, counters, templates, dice, range rulers and complete rules.

Adeptus Titanicus (Unknown - August 1991)

This was the first of the Epic scale games. It was based around the battles between Titans in the Horus Heresy.

By combining it with Space Marine (1st Edition) large battles involving infantry, vehicles and Titans could be fought.

  • Boxed Game - Contained six Warlord Class Titans, eight buildings, datacards, counters, templates, range rulers dice and complete rules.
  • "Codex Titanicus" - The first (and I suspect only) supplement to be released for two systems. The book contained rules and armies lists for including Orks and Eldar infantry, vehicles and Titans in your Epic scale battles, along with new Imperial vehicle, dreadnought and robot rules.

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Other Warhammer 40,000 games

As well as the 'main games', Games Workshop also produced several more specialised sideline games. Some sideline games gained more recognition than others, but none achieved enough glory to maintain a fully supported position in stores.

Battle Fleet Gothic (April 1999 - Present)

Battles in the 41st millenium take on a new dimension - Space.

Battle Fleet Gothic introduces fleet based battles which could be combined with Epic or Warhammer 40,000 games to create more detailed campaigns.

When Games Workshop dropped it as a main line, support was moved swiftly over to the new Fanatic division.

  • Boxed Game - Contained multipart cruisers for both Imperial and Chaos armies that could be made into several distinct classes of cruiser
  • Free rulebook download - continually updated with the latest Errata, Fanatic now have free downloads of the Battle Fleet Gothic rules.
Gorkamorka (October 1997 - November 1998)

A game of Ork Vs Ork mob battles with vehicles on the planet that an Ork Hulk crashed on.

  • Boxed Game - Contains two mobs of Orks, with a Trukk and a Trak for each. Also contained a cardboard Fort, Mine Entrance and Pit Head as well as rules and armies lists for your mobs
  • "Digganob" Supplement - Introduced Human Diggas, mutant Muties and the Gretchin Revolutionary Committee to games of Gorkamorka
Necromunda (October 1995 - March 1998 and August 2000 - present)
Battles in the Underhive. Necromunda moved the focus from large armies on battle fields to the gangs of the Underhive on the Necromunda Hive World fighting for their survival.

It was revived by Fanatic as just the Rule Book in August 2000 after Fanatic had been prducing extra rules in the form of the "Gang Wars" magazine since early 1999.

  • Boxed Game - Contained plastic gangers for the Orlock and Goliath gangs as well as carboard and plastic terrain and walkways as starting scenery.
  • Rule Book - The Hardbacked Rule Book contained all of the information in the original boxed game in a single hard backed book, produced by Fanatic.
  • Gang Wars - a series of magazines containing house rules.
  • Free rulebook downloads - continually updated with the latest Errata, Fanatic now have free downloads of the Necormunda rules.

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