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Giedon Ravenor, Inquisitor

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Giedon Ravenor, Inquisitor: Ravenor was a pupil of Inquisitor Eisenhorn during late 330.M41 until he became an Inquisitor in 346.M41.

Although not directly stated, he is a radical Inquisitor, consorting with Eldar Farseers during Eisenhorn's final destruction of Pontius Glaw. In spite of his puritanical training under Eisenhorn, Ravenor was still able to accept the ever greater lengths that his former tutor went to in his use of Chaos against Chaos.

Ravenor was always a powerful psyker. However, following the events on Thracian Prime in which his body became charred and useless, his power grew. Confined in a life sustaining grav-chais, he became at least a level delta latent psyker with a PQ of 171.

At Eisenhorn's disappearance, Ravenor took on some of his remaining staff, including the last of his Distaff

Source: Xenos by Dan Abnett, Malleus by Dan Abnett, Hereticus by Dan Abnett, Eisenhorn by Dan Abnett

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