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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Middenheim: The provincial capital of Middenland, the City of the White Wolf is located near to the Middle Mountains, surrounded on all sides by the green expanses of the Forest of Shadows to the east, the Great Forest to the south and the Drak Wald to the west. If one stood atop the highest pinnacle of the tallest tower of Middenheim, there would be trees in all directions, with only the peaks of Middle Mountains to the east to break the forests hold.

Middenheim itself is a veritable fortress, standing on a core of basalt rock which rises out of the forest floor. This sheer block provides the city with unrivalled natural defences, further enhanced by man-made artifice. Access to Middenheim is controlled by four viaducts, which carry the road up to the city. These are engineered to be destroyed, but also have wooden drawbridges built into them.

Middenheim is the seat of the High Priest of the Cult of Ulric, God of Battle, Wolves and Winter. Here too, is the Temple of Ulric, the largest temple to that deity in the Empire, with a capacity for a thousand worshippers. The Cult of Ulric has a great deal of political influence in the Empire, as its High Priest is one of the Electors. Middenheim also serves as the headquarters for the Order of the White Wolf. Ulric is the patron deity of Middenheim, and his symbol, the white wolf is used in the city's cognomen and its heraldry. Middenheim's colours are white and blue, with red trim.

Middenland's Elector is currently Boris Todbringer, direct descendant of Gunthar Todbringer, the brother of Magnus the Pious. Boris was the sole opponent to Emperor Karl Franz during the last Election in the Empire. Despite the support of the High Priest of Ulric, he was defeated.

Middenheim is supposedly above a network of ancient tunnels, tombs and caverns, which riddle the rock upon which it sits. Only the City Watch are allowed access to these tunnels, and even they do not explore them to deeply. More dubious denizens of Middenheim use them as smuggling devices and places to hide from offical scrutiny. The wizard Litzenreich used the tunnels to conduct forbidden experiments with warpstone, which he started around 2496. In 2501, these tunnels and Litzenreich became instrumental in a Skaven plot to overthrow the Empire (cf Shadowbreed).

Middenheim was also the scene for the meeting between privileged young medical student Stefan Hochen and unlicensed healer Katya Raine in 2492.

Source: Warhammer Armies: The Empire, 4th Edition by various

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