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Poison Feast

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Poison Feast: A tragic occurrence in 1937 (Imperial Calendar). The Great Enchanter Drachenfels, professing a profound change of heart, approached the then-Emperor Carolus and invited the Imperial Court to a grand feast at which he promised to make recompense for his vile deeds in the past. Drachenfels swore loyalty to the Empire and Sigmar, paid generous reparations to the living relatives of his victims and made abasements at the graves of many of them. Carolus, a kind-hearted and pious man, believed the Great Enchanter's honeyed words and agreed. This sealed the doom of virtually the entire Imperial Court, as Drachenfels had, of course, played them for fools.

Once they were seated they found that they were paralysed in place. Drachenfels tortured their families to death before them, and left them to starve with a feast laid before them. The true story was only fully revealed when one of his human servants confessed on the gallows steps. Emperor Carolus, his wife Irina and the Elector Counts of the Empire all perished and the Imperial crown sat atop Carolus' head until it was reclaimed in 2477 by Oswald von Konigswald, whose ancestor Schlichter von Konigswald's corpse still sat at Drachenfel's treacherous table.

Source: Drachenfels by Jack Yeovil

Submitter: Simguinus