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Space Wolves

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Space Wolves: The Space Wolves are something of a deviant chapter, both genetically and in their combat doctrine. They favour the thrill of close combat and the feral excitement it brings. Few would face an enraged Space Wolf toe-to-toe, and fewer still would survive.
The initiation of a Space Wolf is grueling, for only the strongest and bravest are deemed worthy enough to achieve brotherhood. Having been questioned about his suitability and then given a huge feast, new aspirants are left naked in the cold of Fenris to fend for themselves. They must make the journey of 1000 miles across the continent back to The Fang and gain entry or die trying.
Genetically the Space Wolves encourage mutation, enabling them to grow large canines as they grow older. The length of canines and large grey beards symbolise the older, more veteran, brothers and so they have taken the name Long Fangs. They are much respected by their youngers for their knowledge of war and history, venerated for the telling of their sagas and experiences.
Their organisation is also greatly different from that of normal chapters. Tactical, Assault and Devastators squads are approximately replaced by Grey Hunters, the young Blood Claws and the veteran Long Fangs. The scouts of the chapter are also different, being made up of veterans who have become loners known as Wolf Scouts. The leadership is also different, with Iron Priests replacing Tech-Priests and Rune Priests replacing the Librarians of the chapter.

Primarch: Leman Russ

Homeworld: Fenris

Chapter Badge: A snarling wolf head. Each Wolf Lord may alter this badge slightly to his own preference.

Full Chapter symbol: A fully rendered snarling wolf on a grey marble diamon with rune-inscribed gold inlay.

Chapter Colours: A blue-grey covered in wolf pelts, often accompanied by yellow chapter shoulder pads.

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