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Spanish Fork

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Spanish Fork: "You are now entering Spanish Fork - A Nice Quiet Little Town - Please leave it as you find it!" Route 666, Jack Yeovil

A small settlement in Utah, about 50 miles from Salt Lake City. Spanish Fork was an unremarkable, one-horse town, and might have remained so, if it hadn't chanced to be on the road to Salt Lake when the Church of Joseph began its pilgrimage to the former Mormon capital.

In the summer of 1995, Josephite pilgrims rolled forth to Utah, newly ceded to the Church of Joseph by President North. On their way, under the leadership of Elder Nguyen Seth, they stopped briefly in Spanish Fork. The Josephites had been attacked by several gangcults on their travels, but the it was the poor fortune of a chapter of the Psychopomps to be in Spanish Fork when Elder Seth, his faithful and their U.S Cavalry escort arrived.

Seth, secret servant of the Dark Ones, sought out the leader of the 'pomps; one Jazzbeaux by name, and beat her half to death on the tarmac to retrieve the mysterious sunglasses he always wore.

Spanish Fork had few facilities, but chief amongst these were a deep well, which was guarded around the clock - murder might not have been a capital crime in Spanish Fork, but water theft certainly was.... The town could also offer a 25-foot bar in the Feelgood Saloon, a courthouse, the Pussycat Palace, a church, a truly excellent mechanic at Chollie's Gas and Auto Repair; and a gallows for five.

And if you wanted somewhere to crash out, there was always the Katz Motel....

Source: Demon Download by Jack Yeovil, Krokodil Tears by Jack Yeovil, Route 666 by David Pringle, Comeback Tour by Jack Yeovil

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