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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Tor: Much like Thor in Viking mythology, Tor is the Kislev god of Thunder and Lightning, as well as being the god of warriors. He wields a large axe with which he cleaves the sky and creates thunderbolts. His name is regularly used in common language to indicate both suprise ('Ty Tor!' meaning 'By Tor!') and as a curse of the god upon another person or enemy ('To Tor!' meaning 'Tor's bolt' or less literally 'Tor, strike them down').

Symbol: a thunderbolt or axe with a thunderbolt haft. Tor's followers believe that silver is sacred and veteran warriors will weave it into their hair and beards.

Worship: with log roofs and large stone block contruction, temples to Tor are usually found at the top of the hills and mountains, with many being located in the north of the Worlds Edge Mountains.
Tor has no holy days, although large storms will bring his followers outside to praise him.

Friends and Enemies: Tor's followers are generally indifferent to other gods, although as fellow warriors, they do tend to get on well with followers of Ulric.

Source: Warhammer Armies: Kislev, 6th Edition by various

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