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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Ulthuan: The Island home of the High Elves, located west of Araby and the Old World.

Ulthan is made up of collection of kingdoms ruled by the Princes of Ulthuan.

These are:

The Inner Kingdoms
* Eataine (Ay-a-tain) - Home of the city of Lothern, a land dotted with villas and summer houses of the noble families of Ulthuan

*Caledor - A thinly populated mountinous realm to the west of Eataine, once home of dragons of old.

*Ellyrion - North of Caledor, bordering on the Inner Sea, Ellyrion is the realm of the Elven steed

*Averlorn - North East of Ellyrion, the forest realm, home of the court of the Everqueen

*Saphery - Land of sorcery and the Tower of Hoeth; home of the Swordmasters of Hoeth

The Outer Realms
*Tiranoc - Once the most beautiful of the Elven kingdoms, it sank beneath the waves during the War of Sundering, leaving only mountains and high plains. The people of Tiranoc have a particularly strong hatred of the Dark Elves as a result.

*The Isles - A disputed land between the High Elves and their dark bretheren, The Blighted Isle is the site of the Shrine of Khaine

*Chrace and Cothique - Hardy Kingdoms to the north of Ulthuan, they are often plagued by marauding Dark Elves

*Yvresse - A misterious and desolate kingdom, Yvresse was almost overrun by the invasion of Grom the Paunch (2425 I.C) but was saved by the efforts of Eltharion, Warden of the city of Tor Yvresse

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Source: Warhammer Armies: High Elves, 4th Edition by various

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