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Crimson Fists I : The Necrosphere by Hulls Raven

Follow Captain Syakotus and Inquisitor Nathan Salvanfor in their mission to recover the powerful Necrosphere. Will they succeed, or will the Ordo Hereticus catch up with the Radical Inquisitor before they retrieve it?

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1: Chapter 1

Captain Syakotus and the Crimson Firsts fight the Spectre Knights on the surface of Kylle, hunting for the Necrosphere

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2: Chapter 2

Inquisitor Salvanfor heads down to the planet to join the Crimson Fists, along with his retinue of Deathwatch Marines.

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3: Chapter 3

The Inquisitor retrieves the Necrosphere, but what happens with the Ordo Hereticus?

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