Hive World Terra

Hidden Threat by Defestus Reinen

This story is an unofficial story based, without permission, on the Warhammer/Warhammer 40,000 intellectual property owned by Games Workshop Ltd.

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The planet of Kordian. A thriving Hive World, just 3 sectors from the Segmentum Solar. Such a highly esteemed location brought many nobles to the planet. It also attracted attention from the Maelstrom and the Eye of Terror. As such, two companies of the Space Wolves were in constant garrison, as well as any Adepts of Mars and Inquisitors that needed to make port. Over 3% of the Warlord-Class Titans in the galaxy had passed through this planet's forges, making it a prime target for Chaos.

Defestus Reinen, Son of Huron Blackheart as he was known, strode across the barren rockrete. Warmaster Abaddon would be pleased. Another spacedock and two more ships. After the defeat of the Daemon Army, Defestus had returned to Huron, asking advice. "Have you not learned of Vilamus, my greatest conquest?" was his response. Suddenly Defestus realised, his liege was right. And so he returned to his Battle Barge, where he teleported with his Terminator Guard, straight into the bowels of Florinus. From here he had established a beachhead, where he placed a captured psyker, who, in a shower of grimoire and guts, was converted into a Greater Daemon of Khorne. The Bloodthirster. The Imperial Guard were slaughtered, ending the battle. Now Defestus would show his worth. He would cut supplies to Kordian and strike at the heart of the Imperium.

Guardsman Raikonnen blew a hole clean through an ork. Turning his autocannon towards an approaching Deff Dread. Firing again, the ork inside was reduced to so much flesh and bone. With gratitude, the Guardsman turned to face a Space Marine Land Raider rumbling towards him. Cheering, he leapt out of its path as it pulverized an ork corpse, firing its lascannons into the gloom. Then he realized the air in front of him shimmered. Thus his life ended. Even as he fell, the Chaos Terminator aimed its autocannon at the Land Raider's track, blowing its treads apart, halting its movement. Firing again, he destroyed the tank's rear armour, exposing several mangled Space Marines. Laughing, his companion cut down the survivors with his Heavy Flamer, before shouting into his comm unit, "Inform Lord Reinen, the dropzone is clear". Peering at the crisped corpse of Raikonnen, the Terminator dug through the wall of a nearby bunker, before unleashing his Bloodletter's fury on the enemies within. His grim work done, he watched the first wave of drop-pods and Terminators arrive.

Hackor, a Chaos Terminator, laughed aloud. He loved watching these pathetic servants of the False Emperor flee before his Heavy Flamer. Las trails pinged off his armour. Something worried Hackor though. His denounced chapter, tha Space Wolves, were present. Watching his old fellows die, he started to feel remorse. Then he hesitated. A psyker! A psyker was infiltrating his mind with these thoughts, destroying his lust to kill. Pushing against the intruding mind, Hackor fired his weapon into a bunker, from which the psyker's presence emanated. He felt the mind withdraw as the psyker burned inside his armour.

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