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Join in with WarFoundry development

As has been announced on the forums a while ago, the WarFoundry army creation app is now available as source.

Anyone can currently view the source, and as an open-source project we're looking for developers. If you want to help out with a replacement for Rollcall and something freer than Army Builder then please contact me or post in the WarFoundry forum.

By IBBoard on 25th January 2009 09:44:41

Updates to Games Workshop on a Budget

The Games Workshop on a Budget article - our tips and tricks to be able to make the hobby more affordable and find cheaper models - are perhaps more relevant than ever at the moment.

We've checked the article, updated the list of online suppliers (one I've used has disappeared and some have improved their discounts), and added Wayland Games. Orders placed with Wayland Games through links on this site will not only get you one of the largest discounts available, but will also help support Hive World Terra through the affiliate scheme.

Also, despite the relative quiet of the main site, WarFoundry (the the cross-platform, multi-system army creator) is on the move. To see the developments or join in then please check out the WarFoundry development timeline or drop in to the forum.

By IBBoard on 16th January 2009 20:31:10

The site lives more - and moves!

As part of the preparations for making WarFoundry available for other developers to work on all of our websites are on the move.

The forums moved about a week ago and Skins@HWT moved earlier today. Hive World Terra has now moved to the new server to complete the migration.

The new server is a VPS, which means we have complete control and no other users on the same server to cause problems. This should mean more capabilities for the WarFoundry site and more stability for the other sites.

By IBBoard on 30th November 2008 20:06:36

The site still lives - FanFiction updates

Following the registration of Rahvin Dashiva on the forums and their subsequent posting of two new stories, I've tried to update the FanFiction section.

The following stories have now been added to the FanFiction section:

There are also a couple of other stories from Hulls Raven waiting in our Fiction forum, but they're longer than time would permit me to post at the moment, so they'll be added at a later date.

By IBBoard on 11th October 2008 19:19:37

Site code updates - parts now working!

I've just finished updating the code that powers the Hive World Terra website. Some parts were broken for a while as the update progressed, but everything should be working now.

The update should mean that all of the previously broken parts of the website (submitting downloads, viewing lists of pending downloads, and some other areas) are now working again.

If anyone notices any errors, please contact me.

By IBBoard on 24th March 2008 17:44:39

Broken Article links fixed

Apologies for any problems caused, but any broken links that were incorrectly returning "Error 404: Page not found" messages have now been fixed. These pages were normally in a form such as "/Article/cat_1.html".

Normal service can now resume.

By IBBoard on 7th August 2007 19:09:25

WarFoundry forum created

As development continues with the WarFoundry cross-platform army creation application, I have now created a category in the Hive World Terra forums for all WarFoundry threads.

The latest development in WarFoundry is that weapons can now be added, removed and replaced (including 'required' weapons). A test version has been given to TGSC for feedback on the interface.

By IBBoard on 5th August 2007 16:51:02

WarFoundry site started

Currently we host downloads for an army creation application called Rollcall. This application still needs some changes to make it compatible with Games Workshop's latest incarnations of the main games, it isn't compatible with other game system styles, and the application is old and written in Visual Basic.

Rather than try to update such an old application, I had been considering writing a new army creation app. This new army creator will be cross-platform compatible (so you can run it on Windows or Linux, or even Mac OS X if you have v10.3 or later) and it will be released as open source so that anyone can improve it.

The application will be known as WarFoundry, and a few days ago the starts of its dedicated site were put live at

Watch this space!

By IBBoard on 10th July 2007 07:21:28

New definitions in the Encyclopedia

Having recently looked at the Encyclopedia and failed to find the definition for Inquisitor Eisenhorn, I thought I'd managed to take notes but not add them into the Encyclopedia. It turned out I had added them, just not under Eisenhorn. After finding my notes, I did find that I had some additional definitions from the Eisenhorn trilogy that I hadn't added.

Newly added (last night) are definitions for the planet Ghul and the Daemon Yssarile, as well as links to Eisenhorn and Ravenor.

Other updates include the ISBN and links to Amazon on some "source book" pages for those who wish to purchase the book, and the starts of book descriptions for some sources.

Unfortunately the submitted definition for Chaplain Cassius has had to be declined as it was a direct copy of Games Workshop's background and wasn't a researched definition.

By IBBoard on 10th July 2007 07:14:09

Back-end update

The news page of Hive World Terra has been a bit slow lately. As per usual, things are occurring behind the scenes but a lot of community contributions put the focus more on Skins @ Hive World Terra.

This morning has seen a back-end up for the Hive World Terra website. The majority of functionality should remain the same, although some new changes should be apparent. Everything appears to be operating correctly, however if anyone encounters any problems then please contact me

Also, don't forget that there is work going on behind the scenes on a new Rollcall/Army Builder replacement called WarFoundry.

By IBBoard on 11th May 2007 09:55:20

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