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General Warhammer
Battle Reports
Chaos Dwarves
Dark Elves
The Empire
High Elves
Orcs & Goblins
Wood Elves

General Warhammer

General Warhammer includes scenarios, tactics and articles for all races.

Title Description Issue No Page No
Warhammer Battle Magic feature A difficult one here 156 4
Warhammer campaigns Campaigns in Warhammer strangely enough 163 31
One Year on.... Go on have a guess 167 17
Flying Monsters Rick talks about winged beasts 167 33
Revenge of the Doomlord Scenario included in the Battle report 174 49
Old Weidre's Tacticus Richard Halliwell talks about battle tactics 177 38
CHARGE! Jake Thornton discusses cavalry in Warhammer 180 10
Arcane Magic Preview Well take a guess!!! 182 11
Chronicles of War How to link your battles togethter in an ongoing campaign 183 47
The tale unfolds Two scenarios 183 50
Death or Glory Tactics 185 17
The Brave and the Valiant Tactics for using Characters 189 35
The bigger they are... How to deal with powerful characters 193 29
Warhammer Wizards Wizards in Warhammer (amazing isn't it) 194 30
Fortunes of War Jake and Gavin talking about scenarios 194 55
Frothing Loonies Tox's thoughts on Frenzy 195 21
Aincient Writings How to turn Historical battles into scenarios 195 34
Acursed Wizards Gavin Thorpe talks about magic in Warhammer. 196 19
Fear and Loathing Steve discusses how to use psychology in Warhammer 196 57
Stillmania How to go about collecting an army in Warhammer 197 75
Dragon Fire The new Dragon rules 198 17
Dawn of the Restless Dead A new Wood Elf vs Undead Scenario 198 27
Discovering Warhammer Does exactly what it says on the tin 198 55
Dawn of the Restless Dead 2 The Blackheart returns 199 61
Getting out once in a while Using WHQ characters in Warhammer 199 66
Stillmania Nigel talks about using ones imagination 199 79
Assault on Black Skull Mountain Dwarf vs Chaos Dwarf Scenario 200 59
Warhammer Jake introduces the new Bretonnians and the Lizardmen 201 15
Thundering hooves Fast cavalry tactics 201 44
Here comes Warhammer Rick talks about the new Warhammer 202 8
We will rock you War machines in Warhammer 202 71
Warhammer Magic A quick look at whats in the box 204 12
Wrath of Tlaxtlan Scenario using the box contents of the new Warhammer 204 37
Warhammer ever onwards Warhammer Campaigns 205 8
Here Be Dragons! Clarifications of the Dragon Rules 205 29
The Book of Days A History of Warhammer World, from an Elven point of view 206 59
Forging Alliances How to best use Allies 207 10
Dark Conspiracy Details of the compaign 207 30
The Oldest of Enemies A history of all of the main conflicts between the Humans and the Greenskins, plus a scenario to play 208 56
Dark Conspiracy The end of the campaign and the final results 208 89
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Battle Reports

Title Description Issue No Page No
Battle of Red Axe Pass High Elves vs Orcs & Goblins 155 22
Battle of Osterwald Empire vs Orcs & Goblins 157 40
Battle for Iron Peak Dwarves vs Orcs & Goblins 159 56
Battle at the East Gate Orcs & Goblins vs Dwarves (from the Dwarf Armies Book) 163 40
Battle of Anurell's tomb High Elves vs Chaos Dwarves 164 40
Battle of Skull River Chaos Dwarves vs Wood Elves 170 50
A sword unsheathed High Elves vs Skaven 172 54
Revenge of the Doomlord Undead vs Empire. Includes a scenario 174 49
A Chronicle of Blood Dwarf vs Chaos 176 54
The Gauntlet of Fear Orcs & Goblins vs Empire 178 52
A Gathering of Might Mighty Xmas bash! Wood Elves and Empire vs Orcs & Goblins and Chaos Dwarves 181 44
Turning the Tide Orcs & Goblins vs Empire 183 52
The battle for Talabheim Orcs & Goblins vs Empire 183 59
Death on Drachenmoor Chaos Dwarves vs Empire 186 49
Hail of Doom Wood Elves vs Orcs & Goblins 190 56
Raid Dark Elves vs Orcs & Goblins - 3 linked battles 192 37
Raid! The thrilling conclusion to the 3 part scenario 193 97
Darkness Unleashed High Elves vs Chaos 195 94
Awakening of the wood Wood Elves vs Skaven 199 94
Furnace of Hashut Chaos Dwarves vs Dwarves 201 94
The Sword and Shield Bretonnians vs High Elves 204 94
To the Death Orcs & Goblins Vs Skaven for the Staff Champion crown 206 84
Coils of the Serpent Clan Pestilens and Nurgle Vs Lizardmen 209 78
A Grudge Too Far "The Saga of Drong and Helgar" - Dwarves and High Elves Vs Dwarves 210 94
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Title Description Issue No Page No
Lionheart The King of Bretonnia 202 55
Code of Chivalry A look at the Bretonnian Code of Chivalry 203 8
The Enchantress Morgiana Le Fay 203 85
The Lance and the Arrowhead The Bretonnian armies deadly battle formations 204 25
The merry Men of Bergerac Bertrand the Brigand 204 73
Maidens of Battle Repanse de Lyonesse and the Sorcererrer of Brettonia 210 59
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Title Description Issue No Page No
Scyla - Spawn of Chaos From the Chaos Armies book 181 33
Plaguebearers and Daemonettes Guess whats in this article 182 49
Arbaal the Undefeated A look at the monstrous new character 188 21
Lord of Chaos Rules for Egrimm Van Horstmann 194 75
Great Unclean One A look at the new model 207 50
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Chaos Dwarves

Title Description Issue No Page No
Chaos Dwarf Background   161 11
Chaos Dwarf Beastry Build up your own Armies Book from WD 161 23
Chaos Dwarf Armies List Free in WD 162 55
Earth Shaker Cannon   162 65
Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket   162 66
Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss   163 7
Chaos Dwarf Magic Deck Later released in Warhammer Magic 163 11
Sneaky Gits Hobgoblins, watch your backs!! 170 31
Astrogoth A look at the new Sorcerer 185 37
Fists of Hashut How to build your Chaos Dwarf Army 203 69
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Dark Elves

Title Description Issue No Page No
Naggaroth The Land of Chill 187 21
Dark Elf Battle Tactics   188 31
Beastlord Rakarth   189 9
Cold One Knights   189 25
Dark Elves The Cauldron of Blood 209 28
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Title Description Issue No Page No
Thorgrim Grudgebearer Including rules for his Magic Items 160 4
Gotrek Gurnisson And Felix!! 162 5
Anvil of Doom   162 10
Dwarf Characters King Kazador and Slayer King Ungrim Ironfist 165 52
Dwarf Characters Rune Lord Kraag the Grim and Engineer Guildmaster Burlock Dammison 166 45
Dwaf Tacticus Jeremy Vetock talks about..... you guessed it, Dwarf tactics 191 41
The White Dwarf Full rules and Background 200 19
Born to Rune Runesmith Thorpe gets passionate about Dwarves 201 57
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The Empire

Title Description Issue No Page No
Grand Theogonist Volkmar   157 24
Armies of the Empire Showcase of the Empire Army 209 46
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High Elves

Title Description Issue No Page No
High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower   155 57
Tyrion and Teclis Background and rules for Thyrion and Teclis 156 61
Eltharion the Grim The story of Eltharion, as related by Bill King 158 22
Prince Imrik Elven Lord of the Dragons 178 39
The Might of the High Elves Rules for Ellyrian Reavers and Citizens Levy plus an explaination of the re-written rules 209 9
Warriors of Ulthuan More reinforcements and an extract from the new Armies Book 210 10
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Title Description Issue No Page No
Lords of Lustria The new Lizardmen race 202 43
Emissaries of the Old Ones The Slann Mage Priests 203 45
Lizardmen! A brief look at the new models, and a preview of the painting guide from the Armies Book 206 8
The Land That Time Forgot Background and rules for Lizardmen and their giant beasts 208 17
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Orcs & Goblins

Title Description Issue No Page No
Goblin Doom Divers   154 54
Goblin Squig Herder and Net Teams   155 53
Gorfang Rotgut   159 28
Mighty Goblin Heroes Grom the Paunch 165 48
Goblin Squig Hoppers In the same article as Grom 165 48
Black Orcs   170 46
Skarsnik Rules for Goblin Warlord Skarsnik and his Squig, Gobbla 171 18
Savage Orc Boarboyz   172 30
Morglum Necksnapper   177 17
To Waaagh! or not to Waaagh! A look at all of the newest releases for the greenskins 207 40
Magic and Mischief Waagh magic and how to cause mayhem! 209 60
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Title Description Issue No Page No
Skaven Screaming Bell Rules and 'Eavy Metal 165 26
Origins of the Skaven Taken from the Armies Book 168 18
Map of the Skaven Under Empire   168 20
Monsters and Characters Vermin Lord, Lord Skrolk and Warlock Queek Headtaker 169 26
Skaven Characters Grey Seer Thanquol plus Boneripper and Deathmaster Snikch 170 16
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Wood Elves

Title Description Issue No Page No
Guardians of the Forest Dryads 196 77
Warriors of Loren Jake talks about using the new Wood Elves 197 11
Swift Death Warhawks and Glade Riders 199 79
The Lord of Loren Orion, King of the Woods 201 33
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Title Description Issue No Page No
Arkhan the Black Background and Rules 169 18
Deiter Helsnicht Background, rules and 'Eavy Metal reprinted from the armies book 172 18
Introduction and History of the Undead Excerpted from the Armies Book 173 13
Vlad and Isabella von Carstein Background and rules for the special characters from the Armies Book 183 15
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