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Complete High Elf Army

This is a list of every single model I own for the High Elf Army.  I will try to update it as I buy new models.  The points values are mostly armed as they look.  All champions are armed the same as the unit they are with

Model/ unit Points
Imrik, Lord of the Dragons. Riding a Dragon 725
Eltharion. Riding a Griffon 467
Tyrion. Riding his steed. 425
Teclis 630
Mounted battle standard. With Heavy Armour 104
7 Dragon Princes, inc standard 301
Dragon Prince Champion 61
6 Silver Helms (light armour, shield) Inc. standard and musician 328
Level 2 mounted mage 124
6 Reavers (spears, bows, light armour) 186
Reaver Champion 56
9 Shadow Warriors 135
Shadow Warrior Champion 54
Shadow Warrior Hero (can be used as the Shadow King) 110
2 Bolt Throwers 200
Tiranoc Chariot (scythes, long bows, heavy armour) 110
Alarielle 475
12 Hand Maidens Inc. standard and musician 274
Hand Maiden Champion 54
11 White Lions Inc standard and musician 208
White Lion Champion 53
(Does any one know the cost of a Lions Pelt, or is it free to champions?)  
13 Sword Masters Inc standard and musician 240
Sword Master Champion 53
20 Spearmen Inc standard and musician (Red Spears) 260
Spearmen Champion (Red Spears) 53
19 Spearmen Inc standard and musician (Blue Spears) 247
Spearmen Champion (Blue Spears) 53
21 Archers Inc standard and musician (Red bows) 273
Archer Champion (Red bows) 53
19 Archers Inc standard and musician (Blue  bows) 2247
Archer Champion (Blue bows) 53
Level 1 mage 59
Mounted Hero (Barding, heavy armour, shield) 114
Hero (Heavy armour, shield) 107
General (Heavy armour, shield) 163