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Warhammer ADF files available!

Many moons ago, I uploaded the Warhammer 40K ADF files to HWT but not the Warhammer ones, on the basis that they were old and out of date and could be uploaded later. Only "later" never came and I forgot about them.

Now, after prompting from a visitor who is getting back in to some nearly-Oldhammer, I've now uploaded the Warhammer 5th/6th edition ADF files.

By IBBoard on 4th December 2017 20:34:36

Games Workshop on a Budget - Cleanup

Yes, we're quiet, but we're still here and we still have useful information!

Thanks to a prompt from Margaret, the Games Workshop on a Budget article has been updated. Some of the dead links have been removed, and a new suggestion has been added.

So, read up on the article (and its model-centric follow-up) and check your local area for wargames shows, which could be your new source of cheaper scenery, material and models!

By IBBoard on 6th April 2013 19:31:01

Coat d'Arms paint conversion chart update

For unknown reasons, Games Workshop have recently decided to rename every single paint in their range. Unlike some recent changes, paints don't seem to have been lost, just renamed.

The Coat d'Arms paint conversion table has now been updated to list the older Games Workshop paint names and the newer Games Workshop paint names next to the equivalent Coat d'Arms paints (where available).

By IBBoard on 24th March 2012 09:56:06

Games Workshop on a Budget - Part 2

It has been a while (mainly because of a focus on WarFoundry) but HWT has just had another update. The idea has been sitting in my inbox for ages, but I only tripped over it again when I tried to clear out my unread emails.

The GW on a budget - part 2 article compliments the original Games Workshop on a Budget article with pointers on making your models go further. Thanks to Richard Wilton for his ideas, which contributed to the creation of the new article.

By IBBoard on 19th April 2011 19:58:11

More updates to GW on a Budget

I know, I know, we've been really quiet again, but I promise that it is because good things are in the works on WarFoundry.

The good news is that the GW GW on a budget article has been updated with a couple of tips from Paper Lilybean. The tips came by email and have been included as a Buying cleverly and an Alternative models section.

Thanks to Paper Lilybean for the contributions, and I hope that people are still finding the article useful!

By IBBoard on 15th June 2010 19:00:49

Fixing the unreadable

Sorry to anyone who recently saw a question mark symbol (e.g. �) in the middle of their pages. To help support multi-lingual content with the translation of WarFoundry, the server got switched from the default (ISO-8859-1 or "latin-1", I think) to UTF-8).

Unfortunately the change broke accented characters (e.g. Ghül) and the £ symbol, but once it was reported I've found it and fixed all occurrences (I think!)

Remember, we may be a bit quiet here, but the next generation of army list management and creation software is being built in the guise of WarFoundry (even after recent threats of legal action against us).

By IBBoard on 16th February 2010 13:15:33

Games Workshop on a Budget - new store

Thanks to a tip from "Kyrogre", our Games Workshop on a budget article has been updated with another online store offering Games Workshop products at a discount. One Stop Wargames have now been added to our list of "online shops offering discounts on Games Workshop".

By IBBoard on 29th November 2009 19:55:00

Games Workshop on a Budget updated

With my focus on the WarFoundry army creator and its first beta releases, this website has been neglected a little. That's not to say it will disappear, just that things don't get added as frequently or quickly as I'd like.

What has just been updated is our Games Workshop on a Budget article. I've added a new subsection on how to get your models cheaper, thanks to a suggestion for a visitor called Mark, and I've also added a sub-section about tools.

Hopefully the new article content helps people find some useful discounts or cheaper ways to fit more gaming in to their budget!

By IBBoard on 13th November 2009 11:13:58

Encyclopedia definition updates

Thanks to Jay Deeftue, our Encyclopedia definition for Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn has now been corrected and updated. During my original research I appear to have found a sentence that seemed to fit my search for the Inquisitor who trained Eisenhorn, however I misunderstood the phrase and incorrectly identified his master.

By IBBoard on 11th June 2009 18:22:27

Online store removed from "GW on a budget" article

Following a tip-off via email, has been removed from our list of online stores who offer good discounts in the "Games Workshop on a budget" article.

Although we make no guarantees about any of the stores in the list, it appears that is a trading domain for a company called Millennium Empire, who have an awful record with the Atlanta BBB. As such we decided that it was in the best interests of our visitors if we did not continue to recommend this site for its discount on Games Workshop products.

By IBBoard on 25th May 2009 08:04:13

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