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More from the Codex Chaos

Been a while....but, there are more definitions! You can now find out about The Rubric of Ahriman, the history of the World Eaters and Thousand Sons Traitor Legions and their current and former homeworlds, Prospero and the Planet of the Sorcerors. Also, learn more about Lufgt Huron and the Astral Claws. More to follow...honest :-)

By Simguinus on 11th March 2007 16:07:55

The history of Hive World Terra article

As promised, a History of Hive World Terra article has now been created, tracking back its progress from the initial clan-bertram predecessor site to the very latest and its sub-sites.

Also added (and mentioned in the article for historic purposes) is an old archive of the clan-bertram as it was when the old domain was closed in 2004. There have been a few changes to remove the irrelevant and legally dubious (i.e. 'copied from other sources') material, and to fix/remove some broken links, but the site is otherwise as-is.

It's amazing how much a site can change over the years!

By IBBoard on 28th January 2007 17:29:32

HWT Forums reach six years old!

After much investigating I have discovered that the Hive World Terra forums are now approximately six years old! I don't know the actual 'date of birth' of the forums, as we started out on a forum that we didn't host, but according to the copy of our updates page the first incarnation of the forum (on ezBoard) was started some time around January 2001.

Later update pages then show that the forum migrated via free hosting on,,, before arriving at and then, eventually, its current home at

That also means that the original mini-site is now five years old, and the predecessor site ( would have been about seven years old!

Here's to many more years of Hive World Terra!

By IBBoard on 22nd January 2007 20:08:56

Random definitions

Over the last couple of months, I've stuck a few bits & bobs into the Encyclopedia that don't really fit into any pattern; but here they are anyway.
Catalepsaen Node, Charlie Stross, The Gaschuggers, the Ossmudula

By Simguinus on 21st January 2007 10:54:05

Codex: Chaos Definitions

After a long hiatus, I've begun my series of definitions from the Chaos codices. Two new definitions have been added today being Lorgar daemon-Primarch of the Word Bearers and Colchis, his homeworld.

By Simguinus on 20th January 2007 15:55:38

Two-part encyclopedia submissions

Although Simguinus is our Chief Historitor and main encyclopedia contributor, anyone can contribute to the Encyclopedia of Games Workshop through our suggestion form.

Until today the initial form had been huge - nearly 50KB when including all of the reference sources included in our database. Now the initial page has been cut down and submissions are a two stage process. Firstly you submit the word and definition, and then you specify your sources.

Hopefully this minor change should cut down on problems for people randomly viewing the page and having to download the entire list of sources before being able to see the left navigation when they were just interested in what was on the page!

By IBBoard on 7th January 2007 14:28:32

Atom feed fixed

A while ago I updated the News module of this website and the update included an Atom feed (a form of news syndication). Unfortunately it wasn't properly enabled, and so people couldn't read the (somewhat occasional) news updates through their favourite news reader.

Now that I've noticed the problem it has been fixed and the but now it is! If you want to keep updated with the Hive World Terra news then please subscribe to our news feed.

By IBBoard on 6th January 2007 21:55:34

New definitions from Eisenhorn

Once again I've been busy with either work or the Skins@HWT website and the main Hive World Terra has been taking a back seat.

Fear not, for I have now had a chance to update the site with something I've been meaning to add for a while! On some of my train journeys to work I would read Eisenhorn by Dan Abnett, then I wrote some definitions for some of the characters that could be put in the Encyclopedia.

These new definitions have been put off for a while because I needed to re-read bits of the book to pick out the missing details I had left out. Now I've found the details and added seven new definitions including Inquisitor Eisenhorn, Inquisitor Ravenor and Eisenhorn's Distaff of Untouchables.

Remember, the Encyclopedia is only as good as the content that you submit, so if you have a passion for the Games Workshop novels and fluff, write down some notes and submit a definition!

By IBBoard on 24th December 2006 12:31:32

New Definitions - Fleet-related

OK, following on from the Segmentae definition, I've added brief definitions for each of the Segmentum Fortresses; Bakka, Cypra Mundi, Kar Duniash, Hydraphur and Mars. Obviously, the Mars definition is very brief; but pending some more time and a dab of additional research, I'll expand it to cover Mars' terrain and some details on the Adeptus Mechanicus.

As soon as I can find my copy of Codex: Chaos (dang it, it's round here somewhere....) I'll make a start at some of the Traitor Legions.

By Simguinus on 8th October 2006 12:32:13

New Definitions

New Encyclopedia definitions added...

By Simguinus on 28th September 2006 14:46:37
94 more word(s) -

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