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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Lorgar: Lorgar was once the Primarch of the Word Bearers Space Marine Legion. Like all of the Primarchs, his infant form was swept from the gene-labs of Luna and scattered throughout the galaxy by the powers of Chaos. Lorgar re-appeared on the world of Colchis, where he was found by mendicant priests of the Covenant, the dominant religiion of the planet.

As he grew up, Lorgar studied for the cloth in the Covenant's temples. He was regarded as a devout believer and a charismatic preacher, and seemed set for a glittering career in the Covenant's hierarchy. However, Lorgar was plagued with visions; lucid dreams where he saw Colchis visited by a god in bronze armour and a one-eyed giant with blue skin.

The Covenant's core doctrine spoke of the return of God; and this was what Lorgar believed he saw in his vision. He began to incorporate this into his sermons, causing consternation and division as people began to believe his visions. The Covenant branded him a heretic, and the entire world became divided in a 6-year Holy War. Victory for Lorgar's faction came when he stormed the temple where he had trained and killed the Covenant's ruling body.

A year after his victory, Lorgar's vision came true; when the Emperor and Magnus the Red landed on Colchis.

Lorgar's career as Primarch of the Word Bearers was marked by his scrupulous, almost hide-bound following of the Imperial Cult. His progress during the Great Crusade was slowed by his insistance on regular devotions and the conversion of every conquered planet's populace and the construction of vast icons and monuments to the Emperor. So slow, in fact, that the Emperor himself reprimanded Lorgar for his devotion to needless ritual - the purpose of the Crusade was to unite humanity, not shackle them in fresh chains.

Lorgar is said to have been driven into a months long depression by the Emperor's rebuke, and worn a hair-shirt beneath his armour as penance. During this time, his second, Kor Phaeron whispered to him against the Emperor, and directed Lorger's fanatic zeal to new masters, the Chaos Gods.

Lorgar survived the end of the Heresy, and now resides on the daemon-world of Sicarus, having been granted the position of daemon-prince for his atrocities in the name of Chaos Undivided.

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