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Privacy Policy

Hive World Terra does not store or request any personal information. Any personal information that you supply (through the forums, through emails to the site, or through other mechanisms) is shared voluntarily and is handled as appropriate. Any information that we record from your visit (including but not limited to IP address, user agent and click path) will not be given or sold to third parties, but may be used by the site administration for technical and site evaluation purposes. If requested to by appropriate legal authorities, we will hand over such records as are reasonably requested.

Hive World Terra uses cookies to track sessions. These cookies are used by the system as part of functionality to protect our site against fraud and unnecessary expense, as well as helping visitors identify new content (where supported). These cookies are not used for any long-term tracking that can be accessed by the administration. If cookies are disabled then session identifiers will be included in the URL as you navigate the site and some features may not work correctly. These session URLs will be visible to the administrators due to the nature of web server activity.