Hive World Terra

About Grots

The Hive World Terra website is run by Grots. Lots of them. Lots of Lots even. The little blighters are everywhere. Most of the time they are well behaved and just keep running back and forth to 'Da Bak Room', but on occasion someone stands on some toes and all hell breaks lose!

Grots is actually the name of the content management system on this website. It was originally planned for a client's website under another name, but then my services were no longer needed and the project had only just begun. It was then written to be released to the masses, but that has turned out to be a dead-end with all of the other things that I want to do (skins, banners and badges for Dawn of War, collating fan-fiction, word definitions and other random projects, including something called 'real life'). So here is Grots, in all its glory! A change from the original project, but still my little pet.