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Astral Claws

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Astral Claws: The Astral Claws were the Space Marine Chapter stationed on the world of Badab and tasked with patrolling and monitoring the Maelstrom; the permanent warpstorm near to the Badab system. The Claws had been stationed at Badab for three centuries when, in 901.M41, their Master ordered the destruction of an Imperial Investigation Fleet as it entered Badab orbit.

During their 300 years of duty on the fringes of the Ultima Segmentum, the Astral Claws had been establishing a reputation for laxity. The Adeptus Mechanicus had filed a number of complaints relating to extreme lateness in filing gene-seed reports and planetary tithes from Badab were 150 years in arrears. Lufgt Huron, the Chapter Master, displayed a disturbing lust for power in his own evaluation reports, coupled with a notable lack of the proper devotion to mankind.

The Astral Claws seceeded from the Imperium and successfully fought off two further Fleet expeditions in 902.M41 and 903.M41. Three further Chapters, the Mantis Warriors, the Lamenters and the Executioners pledged allegiance to the Claws after the second attack was defeated.

Source: Codex: Chaos, 2nd Edition by various

Submitter: Simguinus