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Hive World Terra has moved!

Apologies for any inconvenience (mainly due to the fact that most modules weren't loading because I hadn't altered a config value) but Hive World Terra has now moved to a new server.

The old server was getting overloaded, and our old host had introduced some strange new things into their Terms of Service that stopped us hosting some of our downloads. The new host, A Small Orange, has a much more reasonable Terms of Service and doesn't overload its servers.

If anyone sees any remaining niggling issues, please contact me.

By IBBoard on 27th June 2006 08:08:04

New definitions including Dark Future

Following a request by Simguinus back in May, a new category was soon added for Dark Future definitions. Dark Future is an old Games Workshop game of vehicle-based gang wars based in the near-future (now sometime the present or past!) and was available in the 80s and early 90s. Simguinus has now added his first definitions for it, covering the Needlepoint System, Gavin Mantle and John Lennon (yes, the John Lennon of The Beatles fame in our world).

Not content with Dark Future definitions, Simguinus also added definitions for the Second Siege of Altdorf and Beasts in Green Velvet.

Thanks to Simguinus for these additional definitions, and expect to see an updated Encyclopedia Games Workshopika soon - more development work will be undertaken shortly!

By IBBoard on 17th June 2006 17:57:16

Battle of la Maisontaal

With a bit of multi-sourced research, Simguinus has now included a definition for Battle of la Maisontaal. The battle, which was also mentioned in an issue of White Dwarf, has now been added to our ever-growing collection of event definitions.

By IBBoard on 17th June 2006 10:30:35

Warvault Top List now back and running

Following the previous news almost a month ago that had vanished in mysterious circumstances, the community has now grouped together and the site has returned!

Further development is going to be made to create a new, improved version, but for now the guys at Warvault have re-opened the original version.

So, with voting now re-opened and working again, go and vote for Hive World Terra!

By IBBoard on 14th June 2006 12:45:11

Rollcall downloads temporarily unavailable

Having moved the Rollcall application to another host after our current host was rather unclear on their new Terms of Service point about software downloads, the Rollcall download is temporarily unavailable.

Since about 7am this morning, the new server the file is on has been down due to a hardware problem. The host are working on fixing the server, but it's one of their newest servers using newer hardware, and so they don't currently have a part in stock! Hopefully everything will be resolved soon, and apologies to anyone wanting the Rollcall application.

Update (21:00 GMT+1): Our host has finally got the part installed and the server is now up and running (and has been for a while, only I was late checking). The Rollcall application should now be available for download again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

By IBBoard on 10th June 2006 17:49:11

Sieges and Necromancy

As promised, Simguinus has added a definition for the Siege of Altdorf, complete with updates from the 4th Edition Orc and Goblin Armies Book.

He has also added a further necromatic entry, with a brief history of Frederick van Hal, who is best known as the creator of Vanhal's Danse Macabre.

By IBBoard on 4th June 2006 20:30:54

Von Carstein and Vanhaldenschlosse

Fresh off the press from Simguinus are definitions for Konrad von Carstein and Vanhaldenschlosse. A definition for the first Siege of Altdorf is also pending, although it is currently on hold while Simguinus adds more information to it.

Thanks again to Simguinus for his contributions, and don't forget that we accept Encyclopedia suggestions from anyone.

By IBBoard on 3rd June 2006 17:01:37

More battles and currency

Simguinus has been reading fell books for his latest additions. Taking reference from the Warhammer Armies: Undead (4th Edition) book, he has added definitions for the Battle of Four Armies, Battle of Hel Fenn and Battle of Grim Moor. The Imperial currency definitions have also been completed, with a definition for the Gold Crown now being added.

Thanks to Simguinus for his continued work. Hopefully these additions will help answer someone's questions.

By IBBoard on 2nd June 2006 08:37:51

Battles and currency from Simguinus

This morning, Simguinus, our resident Encyclopedia updater, added four new definitions to the list.

If you need to know your currency, conversions for the Imperial Pfennig and Schilling are now available.

If your preference is for battles then the Battle of Grunberg and Battle of Grootscher Marshes now have their own definitions.

Thanks again to Simguinus for his continued work. At some point in the near future I'll hopefully improve the Encyclopedia. Check out the Suggestion of Encyclopedia improvement thread for more information.

By IBBoard on 29th May 2006 20:25:59

Hive World Terra is two years old!

Exactly two years ago today the new website went live! Since then the Encyclopedia has grown, the FanFiction section has been added and Dawn of War content has made its move to Skins@HWT.

Here's to another two years and many more two years of Hive World Terra after that!

By IBBoard on 22nd May 2006 10:41:09

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