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Beasts In Green Velvet

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Beasts In Green Velvet: …my most popular work…an analysis of the misdeeds of the ruling classes. It will inflame the peasantry…with…stories of men, women and children trampled under the iron heel of privilege! Yevgeny Yefimovich, Beasts in Velvet

A revolutionary tract penned by Yevgeny Yefimovich, Kislevite rabble-rouser and High Priest of Tzeentch. The book details the various lines of the Imperial aristocracy and lists its members' brutal atrocities against the peasantry of their estates. Amongst these stories, which Yefimovich claimed were all true, were Baron Otto von Krieshmier who once hanged 27 of his tenants to win a bet with his sister, and Graf Volker von Tuchtenhagen who did something strange and terrible involving three shepherdesses, a missing cufflink and a pit of quicklime.

Source: Beasts in Velvet by Jack Yeovil

Submitter: Simguinus