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Games Workshop at a Discount article added

The ever important issue for lots of people, especially students like myself, is how to get the most for the least. This is especially true with Games Workshop, where prices are getting higher and higher.

To help, I've created a 'Games Workshop on a Budget' article that details discount sources and cheaper alternatives.

Hopefully people will find it useful. Feel free to contribute any other sources or ideas.

By IBBoard on 4th January 2006 21:34:04

New story - "Reunion" by Brannick

Thanks to Brannick of for submitting one of his stories. He original posted it on the forums and I've since moved it into the FanFiction section of the main site.

Don't miss "Reunion" by Brannick if you want to read a great Warhammer 40,000 story about an event that changed a boy's life, with an interesting ending!

By IBBoard on 1st December 2005 20:45:53

Hive World Terra joins Warvault

It was actually a while ago that Hive World Terra joined the Warvault Web Ring, but the final stage of the submission has now been completed - Hive World Terra will soon have a promo page on the list.

For those who don't know, Warvault is a webring with a difference. Not only does it count visits, but it also allows users to comment on sites and allows the owners to give a bigger description. This makes it a more worth-while list and not just a popularity contest.

So what are you waiting for? Vote for Hive World Terra on Warvault.

By IBBoard on 1st December 2005 13:09:41

More definitions added

More definitions have been added to the Encyclopedia, all from the novel 'Inquisitor' by Ian Watson. This includes such interesting details as The Emperor's Tarot and some of the cards and suits contained within it!

More than a dozen definitions must have been added, but I lost count and there are even more to go!

By IBBoard on 19th November 2005 17:05:00

"The Rise of Gorok Gorz" added to FanFiction

Newly added to the FanFiction archive is a story from Kevin Francomb. The story is called "Ambush" and is an excerpt from his work-in-progress story "The Rise of Gorok Gorz".

The short excerpt from the story looks very promising, and I hope we see more from Kevin soon.

By IBBoard on 17th November 2005 12:05:00

Work continues!

Sorry for the huge delay in updates, but things are progressing again (and have been doing, even if I haven't posted news).

A couple of new definitions have been added by visitors in the past month or so, and have been included in the Encyclopedia of Games Workshop. I've also added a section for the source of the information and listed the sources of my information, where I can remember it. Also newly added is a definition for Ian Watson's Inquisitor Jaq Draco.

I also have another 64 (yes, sixty four!) definitions to add from Ian Watson's superb Inquisitor novel, although volume of definitions, website coding and Dawn of War projects may get in the way of them being up very soon.

Also, finally, sorry to everyone who has tried to download our 'missing' downloads. I will hopefully have them available again soon.

By IBBoard on 3rd November 2005 19:22:14

Site overhaul

For the past seven hours, the site has been down for maintenance while I gave the behind-the-scenes parts an overhaul. The site is now up and running again, although some parts may still be inaccessible (e.g. crosslinking in Encyclopedia definitions is currently broken) and some other areas might not look at their prettiest.

In the next couple of days, I will add all of the pending Encyclopedia definitions as well as a large collection that I've gleaned from Ian Watson's Inquisitor book.

So, enjoy the new site with easier URLs!

By IBBoard on 23rd August 2005 15:08:55

New definition added

A new definition has been added to the Encyclopedia - "Divisio-Telepathica Psy-Titans".

Thanks to whoever submitted the definition, and apologies for the delay - all attention is currently on Skins@HWT and further development work on the CMS that runs this site, Skins@HWT and my girlfriend's new website.

By IBBoard on 4th May 2005 08:39:00

New definition added!

Some time soon I really will add notification to encyclopedia entries. Apologies to whoever added it however far back, but the definition for the Rat Ogre is now available in the Encyclopedia of Games Workshop

Thanks to everyone who submits anything. Even if there isn't a submission form, please contact us and if it fits then it'll be added. And don't forget that you can even submit your Dawn of War skins, badges, banners and team colours to Skins@HWT

By IBBoard on 17th February 2005 20:32:00

Dawn of War downloads have moved

All Dawn of War downloads have now been removed from the shiny new Dawn of War downloads section that I made for them around a month ago. Fear no though, for they have not gone completely! Hive World Terra now has a sister site - Skins @ Hive World Terra.

Read More for details of the move...

By IBBoard on 16th February 2005 21:37:00
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