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Updated Encyclopedia - from Visitors!

HWT now has three more words in its Encyclopedia (Hive, Ulthuan and Phoenix Kings) - but they weren't added by me. Thanks to whoever you are! (maybe thats the next feature - submitter logging! oh, and emails to me when something is added so that I don't just stumble over it - sorry if the updates have been there a while.

By IBBoard on 1st September 2004 18:37:00

Encyclopedia and army update

Three new definitions have now been added to the Librarium encyclopedia - the three gods of the Kislev world.

Also new in this update are a few new pictures of Grimjaw's Waaagh! and a description of the painting of the new Slugga Boys. More pictures and my converted Gretchin Squig Handler should be added soon.

By IBBoard on 15th August 2004 19:20:53

Site module updates

The Encyclopedia and Links module have now had further updates. They would have occured earlier, only moving house causes havoc with having an available internet connection.

If you notice any mistakes (error messages, missing text etc) please email me with a link saying what happened and where.

By IBBoard on 25th July 2004 12:00:35

Librarium update

The Librarium (formerly the Encyclopedia) has now been updated with over twenty new words. It may not sound like a lot, but its amazing how much research it takes! The current word count is just below 70, so feel free to use the new submission form to suggest your own words for the list.

By IBBoard on 30th June 2004 16:10:47

Upgrades complete

I've been working on a lot of upgrade recently and the HWT website is now almost totally complete from the user's point of view. There are still a few minor niggles that you won't encounter yet (such as links between User Control Panel areas not being perfect) but they can be botched together and ironed out later.

Also, the Hive World Terra website has had a theme replacement. Gone is the old blue and white and in comes the more fitting industrial hive scheme. If you notice any mistakes, flaws or problems with the skin, please email me.

By IBBoard on 27th June 2004 21:57:23

Final transfer

I've now transfered the last of the old HTML pages to the new Articles modules, with all of my ork conversions now being listed.

I have also corrected a few problems in the Downloads module, so visitors can now comment on the downloads that are available and even submit their own!

If you notice any mistakes or errors, please contact me.

By IBBoard on 19th June 2004 21:45:44

Penultimate moving of content!

Almost all of our content is moved to the new system now. Waaagh! Grimjaw has been finally been moved, leaving just the conversions in the old HTML pages.

Nearly 20 new words have also been added to the GW Encyclopedia, mainly taken from reading Codex:Space Marines. More words are on their way - researched but not entered into the database.

By IBBoard on 11th June 2004 21:53:35

More definitions added

More words have been added to the GW Encyclopedia. There are eight in total, including descriptions for the remaining two 'main' chapters.

Remember, if you want to submit your own definitions then please feel free to email them to me, but make sure that they aren't copied directly from a book.

By IBBoard on 6th June 2004 13:04:00

More Encyclopedia updates

It isn't much, but its amazing how long its taken - over 30 minutes to write up about 2 Marines chapters! But University exams are beckoning, so all that is new is the Ultramarines and Blood Angels chapter descriptions.

By IBBoard on 25th May 2004 11:15:00

The new HWT goes live!

The new HWT website has now gone live! As of now the old HTML website that was ripped straight from when it was closed has now been almost completely moved on to the new system, along with some new additions.

A few more words have been added to the Encyclopedia, more articles have been added, transfering almost everything across to the new site and a few new downloads have been added. Further items will be added over the weekend, but for now just click on and enjoy.

By IBBoard on 22nd May 2004 00:10:22

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