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Hive World Terra is not dead!

Sorry for the quiet patch - Hive World Terra is not dead, I just don't have enough time to update everything I want. Small changes and tweaks are still going on behind the scenes and work is progressing on Verdammnistadt (link now removed). Gang creation is now almost complete, but not live. Programming for a living from 8:30 until 5 is not helpful for working on a website!

Christmas is coming, and hopefully the break from work will give me a chance to work on more visible areas of the site. But look out for the Warhammer/Mordheim-based RPG in the coming year (or the year after, or the year ... )

By IBBoard on 15th December 2004 13:41:49

Hive World Terra listed again on GWGateway!

I received an email over the weekend from and GWGateway saying that I'd been accepted into the listing. We were already in there, but it looks like our Rollcall section is popular, because it is now listed separately in the "Wargamin Help-ware" section!

Hopefully Hive World Terra will continue to grow, and soon I will put more work into the FanFiction archive and other areas!

By IBBoard on 13th December 2004 16:28:26

More fanfiction and other updates!

Hive World Terra has had several updates since the last news item. As the title says, we've had some more FanFiction added. We would like to thank Chris Cook of Artemis for his contribution. More stories will be added soon!

Also, as promised, the Salamander's colour scheme for Dawn of War has been added.

Finally, as a little exercise to show the power of CSS, there is a new skin available. The layout and HTML is identical to the normal skin, but the look is different. Choose the new skin (simple gold) in the box on the left to use it during your visit.

Update: removed dead links due to the move to Skins@HWT

By IBBoard on 13th November 2004 14:51:36

More Dawn of War colour schemes!

It is lunch time (or it was!), I'm bored, and so I uploaded and linked some of the other downloads for Dawn of War.

We now have five colour schemes available, one for an official chapter, two for a semi-official chapter and two completely new ones. The new colour schemes need names and badges, so please send me your suggestions!

There should also be another update tonight when I upload the Salamanders colour scheme - the demo contains a badge, but not a colour scheme.

Finally, click "read more" for a teaser!

By IBBoard on 9th November 2004 13:23:20
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Dawn of War colour scheme added!

The first of six colour schemes I've currently made has now been added to the Downloads module in the new Dawn of War Downloads section. The first download is a Black Templars colour scheme. More will be added later, with details in the topic in the Forums.

Update: Dawn of War downloads have now been moved to Skins@HWT

By IBBoard on 3rd November 2004 22:52:32

New language added

Work is still in progress, but a new semi-language has been added - English!

Yes, I know it sounds strange, but the original site was in a combination of what I'm now calling 'Hive English' and normal English. Now there will be two versions - a default English and an 'in character' Hive English. Translation is in progress! For now, though, there is just a small change to the index page.

By IBBoard on 2nd November 2004 22:16:48

Encyclopedia updates

Three more words, plus a cross reference, have been added to the Encyclopedia tonight. You can now read about The Emperor, Warmaster Horus and the Horus Heresy.

There has also been a minor change to the layout of the site that should make it load faster, but I'm sure you'd rather hear about the new content!

By IBBoard on 20th October 2004 20:42:03

FanFiction comes to Hive World Terra!

A new module has now been added to Hive World Terra - FanFiction! Users will be able to read from a collection of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 fan authored fiction, and at a later date review and rate it too!

If you want to submit your own FanFiction, please email it to me at webmaster[ at ] For now there is a single story in the new module - my very own first piece of fiction, Insperatus Nex! Enjoy!

By IBBoard on 19th October 2004 20:27:13

Cross-referencing complete

All words in the Encyclopedia are now cross referenced, where applicable. More words and an easy way to include cross references in your submissions will be added at a later date - for now I'm just going to play daft games and relax!

By IBBoard on 2nd September 2004 19:58:24

Cross-referenced Librarium

The first two pages of the Librarium listings have now been updated so that they are cross referenced - if a word in a definition has its own definition then you'll see a link straight to it!

By IBBoard on 1st September 2004 21:37:19

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