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Five new words and three addendums

Simguinus has been contributing again, this time with definitions for five new Warhammer cities and some alterations to existing definitions in the Encyclopedia of Games Workshop.

The new definitions are:

Addendums have been made for the definition of Quenelles and 'Filthy' Harald Kleindeinst, with an almost complete rewrite of my original brief definition of Genevieve Dieudonné.

By IBBoard on 6th April 2006 19:55:53

Five new words from Simguinus

Having taken a brief real-life break, Simguinus has returned with some new definitions. Newly added and approved today are:

Thanks again to Simguinus for contributing these definitions. Cross-linking to relevant definitions will be added soon.

By IBBoard on 2nd April 2006 11:57:51

FanFiction Review added

It took a while from the inclusion of the FanFiction module to the review section being added, but it's finally here!

Now, any FanFiction for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, submitted by anyone from the community, can be rated and reviewed by the readers. So, if you read a story, why not thank the author by spending a few minutes reviewing it?

By IBBoard on 30th March 2006 15:52:51

Crimson Fists II: Volcane update

Hulls Raven's story, Crimson Fists II: Volcane has now been updated to include chapters three and four. Chapters five, six and seven have been posted on the forum and are awating beta reading.

By IBBoard on 22nd March 2006 19:02:40

More Encyclopedia updates and a Rollcall update

Simguinus has been at it again, fiendishly working away at more definitions. The latest additions are:

Newly updated today is the Magic Items.txt file for the Rollcall army creator. The previous version of the file contained errors in the Runic section that stopped Rollcall loading it. The latest version corrects this problem, so Dwarf players can use the file without having to delete the all-important Runic Builder section.

By IBBoard on 21st March 2006 19:17:39

Crimson Fists II and more encyclopedia definitions

Slowly being added as Hulls Raven posts it on the forum and I beta read it is the next Crimson Fists story. Titled Crimson Fists II: Volcane, the story follows the Crimson Fists chapter in their battles against the Night Lords Chaos Space Marines, trying to save the city of Volcane. Two chapters are currently available, with two more pending and another needing beta reading.

Also newly added are some new definitions from Simguinus. The new definitions are for Middenheim and Talabheim in the Empire and Gisoreaux in Brettonia.

By IBBoard on 18th March 2006 16:44:48

Starting the city definitions

Simguinus has started on a mini-project in the Encyclopedia of Games Workshop. Starting with his two latest definitions, Nuln and Altdorf, the next few submissions will cover the major cities of the Warhammer world.

Many thanks to Simguinus, his detailed researching and his trusty copy of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay!

By IBBoard on 16th March 2006 09:14:18

'Filthy' Harald and Parravon added to Encyclopedia

Simguinus has been at it again and has added new definitions for 'Filthy' Harald Kleindeinst and the city of Parravon. No doubt even more definitions will be following soon!

By IBBoard on 15th March 2006 19:35:15

Encyclopedia Updates

Simguinus, a member of the Hive World Terra Forum, has owned up as the contributor of most of the amazingly detailed definitions that have been added to the database recently. He is also the person 'trouble_gum', who entered earlier submissions.

All of Simguinus' submissions have now been credited to him, and some changes have been made to the Encyclopedia that allows submitters to state their source and name.

Also added today is a new definition for Orfeo, star of Brian Craig's Orfeo trilogy. Simguinus must have taken it as a hint when I mentioned the Orfeo trilogy in the Submissions to Encyclopedia thread!

Thanks to Simguinus and anyone else who wants to submit definitions to the encyclopedia.

By IBBoard on 13th March 2006 12:10:58

Drachenfels definitions added

Thanks to the phantom unnamed submitter, we now have an additional four definitions, all taken from the novel Drachenfels.

The new definitions are:

These new submissions are greatly detailed, and we can only hope to see more!

By IBBoard on 9th March 2006 19:18:04

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