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Order of Eternal Night and Solace

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Order of Eternal Night and Solace: A religious order of sorts, who maintain a Convent in the Black Mountains, near the River Talabec.

The Order is populated solely by Vampires, those who chose to isolate themselves from mortals so as evade destruction and gather knowledge of their kind. It maintains a vast library of vampiric knowledge, with a series of books called the Grimoires of the Order foremost amongst this.

Founded in the time of Sigmar by Belinda the Melancholy, in 2502, it was still being maintained by her child-in-darkness, Honorio. At this time it was also the home of Lady Melissa d'Acques and her 'grand-daughter-in-darkness' Genevieve, and it was here that Genevive received her invitation to Oswald von Konigswald's pageant at Castle Drachenfels.

Source: Drachenfels by Jack Yeovil

Submitter: Simguinus