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Genevieve Dieudonne

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Genevieve Dieudonne: Genèvieve Sandrine du Pointe du Lac Dieudonné, to give her full name. Born in 1839 (IC) in Parravon in eastern Bretonnia, Genèvieve was the younger daughter of the city's Minister and had at least one sibling, an older sister named Cirielle. In 1851 (IC), the Great Enchanter, Drachenfels, sacked Parravon and executed the First Family for their poor tribute, an action which also saw the death of Genèvieve's father. Her sister died many years later, in 1901, from plague.

In 1855 Genèvieve was created a vampire by Chandagnac, a Bretonnian vampire who had been given the Dark Kiss by Lady Melissa d'Acques. From this point on she never aged, remaining with the appearance of a sixteen year old girl. The bloodline of Genèvieve can be traced back to Lahmia and its Queen, Neferata.

Exactly what Genèvieve and Chandagnac spent their years doing is lost to history, but what is known that Genèvieve spent a great deal of time travelling and encountered a number of famous personages, including the First Emperor, Magnus the Pious, who apparently didn't quite live up to his name. Genèvieve also spent one hundred years in the faraway lands of Cathay and Nippon, where she studied for three decades under Master Po, learning the arts of gungfu and a few Celestial spells, as well as many useful pieces of Cathayan lore, which served her well in later life. The exact date of this excursion is unknown, but must have fallen before 2269, in order for Genèvieve to have met Magnus before his death. Given that Chandagnac died in 2177, it can be presumed that her journey to Cathay occurs between 2260 and 2177. At unspecified times, Genèvieve has been a pit fighter, and a slave in Araby.

Around 2377, she returned to Altdorf where she worked for some time at the Crescent Moon, a vampire tavern, until 2477 when Oswald von Konigswald, son of the Elector of Ostland, approached her when he was gathering adventurers to breach the fortress of Drachenfels. Along with Oswald and Genèvieve, the band included Anton Veidt, a bounty hunter, Ueli and Menesh the Dwarves, Sieur Jehan, Oswald's tutor, Rudi Wegener the Bandit King, Stellan the Warlock, Erzbet the dancer-assassin, Heinroth and Oswald's squire Conradin. Genèvieve herself was rendered unconscious by Drachenfels during the fight between her, the Enchanter and Oswald, and never saw the blow that Oswald struck to end Drachenfel's life.

Following this, Genèvieve became a heroine of songs and plays, even of a biography. Although she wanted to return to the Crescent Moon and obscurity, she became a symbol for younger undead, who sought to petition the Emperor for equal rights, and for minstrels and adventurers who sought her story and her company. Fleeing her fame, she moved to Zhufbar in 2478 where she was spying for the Order of Ulfric by sleeping with foreign dignitaries during the Festival of Ulfric. Claes Glinka's Moral Crusade closed down the Hostelry she was working at, and she found herself chained to the mercenary Vukotich, and embroiled in the plots of Priests of Tzeentch Yevgeny Yefimovich and Dien Ch'ing. With Vukotich's assistance, their plot to turn Glinka's Crusade to Chaotic ends was thwarted, although both Yefimovich and Ch'ing escaped. During this, she and Vukotich passed through the village of Chloesti, where they encountered a very young Detlef Sierck.

At this point, Genèvieve withdrew to the convent of the Order of Eternal Night and Solace, where she stayed with her grandmother-in-darkness until 2502 when Oswald von Konigswald, who became Elector himself, invited her to his pageant at Castle Drachenfels. The Elector had engaged Detlef Sierck to write a grand play describing the events 25 years ago and this brings Genèvieve into contact with the playwright again, and they became lovers. Since the actress hired to play her left the production part-way through, this year is also Genèvieve's first, last and only stint treading the boards. It is revealed that the Enchanter never died, that Oswald had formed a pact to rule the Empire under Drachenfels and that the Great Enchanter needs those survivors from Oswald's original band dead to complete his resurrection. Drachenfels' plan fails, thanks to the intervention of Genèvieve, Detlef and Johann von Mecklenberg. Genèvieve and Detlef returned to Altdorf and stayed together until 2507, when Genèvieve decided she was a bad influence on the playwright and left to travel the world again.

The catalyst for this decision was an attack on them and the Theatre by the Animus; a strange spirit-creature unleashed from Castle Drachenfels and intent on taking vengeance on those who slew its master. Travelling through Tilea, a storm forced her to take refuge in the House of Udolpho, where she becomes trapped by the strange curse of the family's eldest scion, Old Melmoth. The exact duration of this is unclear, but the curse is eventually broken, and Genèvieve returned to the Empire, to Middenheim, in 2508 in the company of Kislevite revolutionary Kloszowski. In Middenheim she was captured by agents of the Imperial Chancellor, Tybalt Mornam, who used her brief association with Kloszowski to blackmail her into assassinating Graf Rudiger von Unheimlich, a political rival. He promised an eternity in silver chains in Mundsen Keep, and the destruction of Detlef and the Vargr Breughel Theatre if she refused. Genèvieve agreed, reluctantly, but discovered her own reasons for killing the Graf while staying at his hunting lodge.

Genèvieve returned to Altdorf again in 2515. At this time Antiochus Bland of the Cult of Morr was stirring up anti-Undead feeling in the Empire with his Sanitation Bill, and Genèvieve and her grandmother, Melissa d'Acques, were forced to thwart a plot by some of the Truly Dead vampires to assassinate him and thus prevent a new series of Vampire Wars. Masquerading as Jenny Godgift, Genèvieve infiltrates Bland's Temple as his bodyguard and prevents his assassination at the hands of Eva Savinien, an actress from the Vargr Breughel Company. Savinien was, ironically, impersonating Genèvieve, so that it would seem that vampires had assassinated the Temple Father.

Following this, Genèvieve decided to stay in Altdorf with Detlef, and the pair are married shortly after the incident. The ceremony was conducted by the Arhc-Lector of the Cult of Sigmar on the stage of the Vargr Breughel Theatre, and the reception was held at the Crescent Moon, which altered its door policy to allow the living in.

Genevieve has featured in four main novels by Jack Yeovil - Genevieve Undead, Drachenfels, Silver Nails and Beasts in Velvet - plus several short stories.

Source: Drachenfels by Jack Yeovil, Genevieve Undead by Jack Yeovil, Silver Nails: Red Thirst by Jack Yeovil

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