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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Bordeleaux: Wine is the the blood of Bordeleaux. Without its trade revenue, the city would cease to function. Located near the mouth of the river Morceaux, the Bordeleaux region is famed for its excellent vintages, and even the rough plonk consumed by Bordeleaux peasantry is superior to that found in other cities. Such is the region's connection with viticulture and the consumption of its product that "a sober man of Bordeleaux" is an oft-used term to mean an improbable or incredible thing or person.

Bordeleaux is replete with impressive townhouses built by the city's wealthy merchants, who constantly seek to outdo one another in the scale of their dwellings and the lavishness of their decor. Towering over the city on two hills are two mighty chateaux: the Palais of the Governor on Towerhill, and the chateau of the Duc de Bordeleaux on Execution Hill. Between the hills the river flows, crossed by Bordeleaux Bridge, whose span acts as a barrier preventing further passage down the Morceaux by ships.

On the south bank of the Morceaux are Bordeleaux's docks and warehouses, where impromptu sales are common. Unnumbered vice-dens, bawdy houses and taverns line the river-front. In contrast to the clean and well-kept houses of the merchants on the north bank, the docks are slovenly and filthy: crowded slums have sprung up around them and the oppressed poor of Bretonnia cluster in shanty towns where disease is common-place, murder is barely noticed and the Watch do not care to stroll.

Source: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 1st Edition by

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