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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Couronne: Couronne is one of Bretonnia's finest cities. Located in the fertile Sannez, it produces wheat, has great pastureland and is well-known for its fine vineyards and vintners. It trades these goods for luxurious silks and exotic spices, brought by ship from Estalia down the River Sannez.

Couronne is more famous for something other than its fertile crop-lands. It is the site of the greatest and largest temple dedicated to Shallya, Goddess of Healing. This has become a site of pilgrimage for supplicants from across the Old World, who hobble and crawl from as far afield as Norsca and Kislev to visit the healing springs at Couronne.

The springs that arise the hills surrounding Couronne not only provide healing, but also fresh water for the majority of its populace, and culverts within the city carry warm water from hot springs to the harbour, keeping Couronne's docks ice-free in all but the harshest winters. The constant flow of clean water keeps Couronne cleaner and healthier than most other Bretonnian cities. At least, on the east bank, where Couronne proper is built.

On the western bank of the Sannez lies the Cesspit: an unofficial series of settlements and holes for the cities poor and those who wait to enter the temple. The city watch refuse point-blank to enter the Cesspit, so it is given over entirely to the criminal and downtrodden.

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