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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Quenelles: This Bretonnian city lies some 50 miles to the west of the Forest of Loren. Like many Bretonnian dwellings, Quenelles sits on a river, in this case the river Brienne. Its docks are accesible to ocean-going vessels, but the Brienne beyond Quenelles is too shallow for deep-hulled ships.

Formerly a walled town, decades of neglect have seen Quenelles fortifications crumble into disrepair, and large sections have fallen down, yet to be re-erected. It is a dirty and squalid town; spilling beyond the confines of its cracked and fallen walls, even the manors of the nobility are crumbling into disrepair.

The nobility of Quenelles have a reputation for cruelty regarded as excessive even by other nobles in Bretonnia: mutilations and torture are common-place punishments for even minor crimes, especially if the offence was committed by a lower class citizen against a noble. It has been suggested that this inherent sadism is just a sign of the gnawing taint of Chaos within the country's noble families.

Quenelles is the birthplace of Jules Gascoigne, the scout who accompanied Aldred "Fellblade" Keppler, Felix Jaeger, Gotrek Gurnisson and Dr. Johann Zauberlich into Carag Eight Peaks' lost caverns to seek the runeblade Karaghul in 2496 (The Dark Beneath the World, William King)

Quenelles is also the home of the de Courtivron family, whose daughter Isabel died from poisoned olla imported by Estalians in part of complicated plot to destablise trade in their favour. Her sister, Ariel de Courtivron, set out from Quenelles to pursue her murderer (cf The Voyage South by Nicola Griffith).

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