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Harald Kleindeinst

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Harald Kleindeinst: This is why they call me 'Filthy Harald'. Every filthy job, baron. That's when people come to me. That's what I get. Every filthy job. Jack Yeovil, Beasts In Velvet

Born in 2460, Harald Kleindeinst was a captain of the Altdorf Dock Watch, stationed in Luitpoldstrasse, badge number 89, until 2503. In that year he had the misfortune to kill the wrong man. Harald saved a young girl from a naked, cleaver-wielding maniac, who turned out to be the son of Grand Prince Hals von Tasseninck, Elector of Ostland. Hals had Harald's career destroyed: he lost his house, his savings, his pension and his commission.

Harald sought employment elsewhere, and acted as merchant's enforcer for the Reik & Talabec Trading Company for 3 years before Johann von Mecklenberg dragged him out of retirement to help him hunt the Beast who was stalking the streets of Altdorf in 2506.

During a riot incited by priest of Tzeentch Yevgeny Yefimovich, Harald got an oppurtunity to get his own back of von Tasseninck, by saving his life from the howling mob.

In 2507, Harald, reinstated as Captain of the Dock Watch, was assigned to handle the series of killings known as the Warhawk Murders. This appointment, made by the newly-formed Atrocities Commission, came in the wake of his success in tracking down the Beast, and he replaced Erich Viereck, whose previous investigation had seen the execution of an innocent man in place of the Warhawk each time a killing was committed. Aided by Rosanna Ophuls, Kleindeinst tracked the Warhawk down and put his Magnin to good use again in ending the Warhawk's reign of terror. During the investigation, Harald took out his frustrations on the unsavoury inhabitants of the Street of 100 Taverns, aided by a sizable dose of daemon dust, the drug taken by Norscan berserkers in battle. The incidents cause by Kleindeinst on his night-long rampage included wrapping iron bars around the neck of Temple Street gym proprietor Arne the Body, firing a Fish warehouses full of smuggled Bretonnian silks and smashing a statue of Ueli von Tasseninck.

Harald's trademark weapon is his Magnin throwing knife, uniquely weighted for him alone, and forged with silver in the steel, making it proof against both the living and the undead. As it transpired, it didn't need this extra feature to put an end to the Beast of Altdorf, who was entirely human.

Source: Beasts in Velvet by Jack Yeovil, Silver Nails: The Warhawk by Jack Yeovil, White Dwarf: Issue 140 by various

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