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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Altdorf: Altdorf has been the seat of Emperors since the accession of Prince Wilhelm of Altdorf (2429). Altdorf is not the capital of the Empire, since the Emperor is chosen from amogst the Elector Counts of the various provinces. It has also not always been the seat of the Imperial court, during the reign of Magnus the Pious (2302 to 2369) that honour fell to Nuln. Nonetheless, Altdorf retains a position of great importance as it stands at the meeting of the rivers Talabec and Reik, making it a hub for trade.

Altdorf itself stands over a series islands over the deep channels formed by the two rivers. Many bridges connect the various islands. A vast deep-water harbour, the Reiksport, has been built here so that ocean-going vessels can off-load cargo which can then be transported by barge to Nuln and Talabheim.

Altdorf is the seat of the Imperial Colleges of Magic, where practitioners of the Eight schools learn their arcane arts. Less fearsome students can be found at the University of Altdorf, the Empire's premier seat of learning, and the Imperial Engineers School, founded by noted genius (and eccentric) Leonardo di Miraglio, inventor of the infamous Steam Tank.

Altdorf is also home to the Vargr Breughel Memorial Theatre, and playwright Detlef Sierck. Other notable denizens have included Genevieve Dieudonne, who once served as a barmaid in Altdorf's infamous Street of A Hundred Taverns (in one called the Crescent Moon), watchman 'Filthy' Harald Kleindeinst and student (and former Chaos warrior) Wolf von Mecklenberg.

Altdorf has not always been peaceful. In 1707, it was beseiged by Orc Warlord Gorbad Ironclaw, after the army of Wissenland was defeated at the Battle of Grunberg to the south of the city. Although the city held out until relieved, then Emperor Sigismund was slain. More recently, in 2506, the city was plagued the Beast of Altdorf, a vicious murderer who pryed on the city's many prostitutes and homeless, and whom many suspected to be a nobleman. The Beast Murders were the cause of several riots in 2506, before the Beast was hunted down and slain by Kleindeinst and Johann von Mecklenberg.

Source: Beasts in Velvet by Jack Yeovil

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