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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Tobaro: From the jagged cliffs of Fools Point to the stinking pools of the Blighted Marshes is a distance of over 500 miles, and along that expanse march the Abasko mountains; dividing Bretonnia and Tilea. Set on the western-most edge of the Blighted Marshes, cut off from the world by unpassable mountains and the fetid and loathsome expanses of the Marshes is Tobaro, the City of Sirens. Reachable only by sea, even this passage is fraught with peril, as the Abasko range produces one of the most treacherous and rocky coasts in the Old World. A 500-mile stretch of reefs and points, jagged banks of rock to tear the hull of any wooden vessel and even some ironclads, the Fools Rocks are navigable only by Tobaran pilots, who have done so for generations and passed on their vital knowledge from father to son.

But why the City of Sirens? Legends tell that the cliffs of the Fools Rocks were once home to vile creatures of Chaos who made their eyries in the caves and crevasses of the cliffs, until the Elves finally found their way through the narrow waterways and founded a mighty harbour where Tobaro now stands. Protected by seven sea-gates, the elves had constructed a great cavern, domed like a cathedral and large enough to conceal a fleet of dragonships. The Elves drove the Sirens from the cliffs, but abandoned their city during their wars with the Dwarfs, and it lay empty until the Tileans discovered the passage through the rocks again.

Tobaro is not a rich city; although it has mines that range through the caves of the Abaskos, the gold and silver that they produce is traded for vital foodstuffs with other Tilean states. The sea provides a somewhat monotonous diet, and some of the valleys hidden high on the slopes of the Abasko Mountains have been turned to farming with mixed success. Tobaro is dependent on others for certain foods, notably from grazing animals such as cattle. Unlike the other Tilean cities, Tobaro does not enjoy a reputation as sailors. Certainly, Tobaran pilots are the only ones to navigate the Fools Rocks, and the Tobaran navy is no collection of incompetents, but they are no rival to Magritta, Miragliano or Remas.

Source: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 1st Edition by

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