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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Magritta: The greatest city-port of Estalia, Magritta is located in a natural harbour called the Bay of Quietude, on the southern coast of Estalia. It has a reputation as a friendly port of honest merchants and fair prices. This attracts ships from across the globe, from Old World trading barques to the strangely-rigged dhows of Araby. The safety of the Bay of Quietude cannot be denied; the Magrittans have built two great lighthouses and fortresses on its headlands to protect and guard the entrance, and pirates of all stripes are ruthlessly hunted and sunk.

Magritta trades local goods far and wide, with regular runs extending as far north as Erengrad and Marienburg, trading silver mined from the Abasko mountains in the east and silks and spices imported from Araby. Their links with Araby are greatly envied by their tradeing rivals in Tilea; conflicts are frequent between Magritta and Tilean ships. The Magrittan navy, a formidable force, frequently boards hostile vessels and forces their captains to bring the cargo to dock at Magritta, and effective way of bolstering the cities trade whilst damaging their rivals.

Magritta was the port from which the troubadour Orfeo set sail to Araby in 2503, on which voyage he was captured by Alkadi Nasreen, Caliph of Mahabbah. Initially, he was suspected of being a spy for the Estalian city. Relations are often a little tense between Araby and Estalia; the attack on Orfeo's ship attests to this, despite its letter of passage bearing the Seal of the Sultan of All Araby. As Orfeo points out to Maro, the cargo probably made its way to him anyway.

Source: Zaragoz by Brian Craig, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 1st Edition by

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