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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Miragliano: In the central north of Tilea, Miragliano stands on a series of islands linked by canals, and the natural harbour of the bay make it a great trading city, whose ships ply as far north of Erengrad and as far west as Lustria. Many captains who fly the Miraglian flag are skilled smugglers and blockade-runners, since they must run the gauntlet of Admiral Escribano's fleet at Magritta before they can reach the open ocean.

Miragliano is surrounded by unpleasant geography. To the west are the steaming, fetid pools of the Blighted Marshes, and Skavenblight. To the north and east are the hard peaks of the Vaults. Miragliano has a problem: few natural sources of clean water are available to it, as the streams and springs of the Vaults are many miles distant, and the city reliant on barges following the rivers to and from these.

Miragliano is the birthplace of (in)famous engineer and genius (madman) Leonardo di Miragliano, who had a lengthy career of innovation and invention, the most famous example of which is the Steam Tank, before his demise.

Miragliano is ruled by Marino Zeluco, whose wife, Donna Isabella and daughters, Olympia and Julietta became infatuated with (in)famous Kislevite revolutionary Prince Aleksandr Kloszowski as he passed through the city in 2508 (approx). At about this time, a disease known as the Yellow Ague swept Miragliano, and was blamed on contaminated water. The most powerful of the water-merchants who control the supply from outside the city, Ysidro d'Amato, was blamed and fled the city with dancer and actress Antonia. Encountering Kloszowski along the way, they found their way to the mysterious House of Udolpho, which is located not far from Miragliano, and become caught up in the bizarre events within it, as was Genevieve Dieudonne.

Source: Genevieve Undead: The Cold Stark House by Jack Yeovil, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 1st Edition by

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