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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Gisoreaux: The largest, wealthiest and most populous city in Bretonnia. Gisoreaux is located in the wide pass between the Pale Sisters and the Grey Mountains, guarding Bretonnia’s eastern gateway from the Empire. The river Ois flows through the city, which has districts on either bank and on a central island in the Ois itself – the Ils de Gisoreaux, where the Palais Royal is located. The seat of the Royal Court of Charles de la Tete D'Or III, Gisoreaux is also is melting pot of cultures and one of Bretonnia’s most corrupt and decadent cities. It was from Gisoreaux that Gilles le Breton, first King of Bretonnia, led his army to conquer the other duchies, a conquest concluded 70 years after his first campaign by his grandson, Guillaume Barbenoire in 1070 (IC). Traditionally, the city is always referred to as Gisoreaux-la-belle, but these days, it is anything but la belle. Squalor and poverty are rife, and gangs of thieves and agitators occupy the tunnels and sewers. The nobility wallow in sickening luxury while the poor starve in the streets, preyed upon by a violent criminal under-class. A good example of the decline of Gisoreaux is the so-called ‘Pont-Neuf’ affair, in which a replacement stone bridge to cross the river Ois without traversing the Ils was abandoned half way through, when funding ran out.

Gisoreaux is itself a ducal seat as well as the setting for the royal court, and its current holder is Blaize Blois, uncle of Charles III. He is known to the townsfolk as Le Pommier for his tradition of distributing the fruits of his orchards to the poor after harvest.

Gisoreaux also possesses a University, which was founded at approximately the same time as that of Nuln. It is divided into four colleges: Cardinal (Theology), Louisienne (Law), Fontaine (Medicine) and Ste. Jean (notable as it accepts female scholars).

The University has had at least one infamous Magister in the form of Lanfranc Chazal, who was rumoured to have been a cultist and a necromancer.

As well as the University, Gisoreaux is home to the Royal Military Academy, and the Gunnery School, where the King’s Musketeers train. The Gunnery School is a recent development, and still mainly focuses on training gunners for Bretonnia’s navy.

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