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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Orfeo: Born in 2465 (Imperial Calendar) in Bretonnia, Orfeo was abandoned by his parents for unknown reasons on the edge of the Forest of Loren, not far from Quenelles. Raised by Wood Elves, Orfeo learned to play the lute, and left Loren as a troubadour, although he is often mistaken for a minstrel by humans, an error he is keen to correct.

During his wanderings he meets with many heroes of other tales, including Harmis Detz, slayer of the Nurgle daemon Ystareth (in 2499 Imperial Calendar) and Trystan, former Harper to the court of the King of Plenydd in Albion (in 2496). In 2502, Orfeo is in Estalia, and his journeys take him to the Irranna hills and the city of Zaragoz, where he becomes embroiled in strange sequence of events, which culminated in the destruction of the Duke of Zaragoz, his castle and retainers by Slaaneshi daemons which they had sought to control.

In 2503, Orfeo left Estalia from the port of Magritta, and his ship was captured by pirates under the command of Alkadi Nasreen, Caliph of Arjijil. He strikes a bargain with Nasreen, to tell him the tale of Zaragoz in exchange for his freedom. Nasreen is less than quick in releasing Orfeo, and 2 weeks after the tale of Zaragoz, Orfeo tries to escape, which leads to him telling Nasreen the tales of Hamris Detz and Trystan to gain passage away from Arjijil.

Source: Zaragoz by Brian Craig, Plague Daemon by Brian Craig, Storm Warriors by Brian Craig

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