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Kislev (City)

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Kislev (City): The capital and mightiest city of the country of the same name, Kislev stands on the banks of the river Urskoy. Located within a loop of the great river, where the water travels round the Hill of Heroes(Gora Geroyev in Kislevite). Upon the summit of the Gora Geroyev stands the Palace of the Tsars, currently occupied by Tsar Radii Bokha. The palace is formed from tiers of towers arranged around a central dome of beaten gold, clearly visible from miles away from the city. Kislev is surrounded by a high and strong wall, although its apperance is warped here and there where the tides of Chaos have broken against the stout defenders of Kislev.

The Urskoy River provides Kislev with its most important link to the Old World - its wide waters enable flat-bottomed barges to carry cagoes from Kislev down the Urksoy to Altdorf, where it joins the Reik.

Kislev is the birthplace of several infamous sons and daughters - most famously, the Tsarina Kattrina, the Vampire Tsarina who terrorized the citizens of her realm for centuries before being slain. Still at large, and last seen inciting rioters and revolutionaries in Altdorf is the High Priest of Tzeentch, Yevgeny Yefimovich.

Source: Genevieve Undead: Stage Blood by Jack Yeovil, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 1st Edition by

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