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New Encyclopedia definitions and a new Chief Librarian

They may have been delayed by a few days, but some of Simguinus's definitions have finally been added to the website.

Simguinus added another Dwarfish definitions - Zhufbar - a real-world reference for the Apocrypha of Skaros, and new or updated definitions for the Adeptus Astronomica, Chosen, Forbidden Fortress and Astronomican Sacrifices.

Also added was a brief definitions for the ice world of Valhalla by Alexander Kerensky.

In related news, Simguinus is now the Hive World Terra 'Chief Librarian'. He's been a great help with his well researched definitions, and has contributed ideas of how to improve the website via the forums. As such, he now has access to the admin side of the website and will be able to add definitions and news himself from now on, rather than relying on me to approve them!

Thanks to Simguinus for his continued work, and I hope he enjoys his new post.

By IBBoard on 22nd September 2006 18:36:15

'Crimson Fists III: Skin Of Evil' released

Finally checked over and approved is Hulls Raven's third story, Crimson Fists III - Skin of Evil.

Being much darker than the previous stories, Skin of Evil adds extra depth and new twists to the existing Crimson Fists characters from the first two novels.

At some point in the future Hulls Raven's fourth story, Exordium, will also be checked and released on the site. For those who can't wait, the preliminary version is available on the forums.

By IBBoard on 3rd September 2006 16:13:43

Encyclopedia Updates - Dwarves

The website is now receiving updates again, although I no longer have quite so much freedom in when I can make the updates.

That hasn't deterred Simguinus, though, who has added four new encyclopedia definitions for Karak-Kadrin, Karak-Ungor, Karak-Varn and Khazalid.

Thanks to Simguinus for those submissions, and hopefully there'll be more to add soon!

By IBBoard on 28th August 2006 11:57:19

End of updates for a while

Apologies to anyone hoping for more updates in the near future, and sorry to Simguinus if he's stacking up definitions to submit, but as of tomorrow morning I will be moving house. This means that the computer gets packed away tonight, and ADSL companies won't connect us at the other end for up to three weeks.

Hopefully I should return by the end of the month to make any updates, or sooner on the off-chance that the ISP somehow manages to connect us quicker!

In the mean time, the site will still be open, and the Forums will be moderated by TGSC.

By IBBoard on 4th August 2006 19:06:40

Updated Encyclopedia

I've been promising it for quite a while now, but the updates to the Encyclopedia of Games Workshop are now live!

The main feature of the new Encyclopedia is improved cross-referencing. Not only can you now follow links between definitions, but you can also look up all definitions from a single source, e.g. Jack Yeovil's Drachenfells, or a collection of sources, e.g. all issues of White Dwarf.

All of this extra information does mean that the Encyclopedia submission form has become much bigger, but in the long run the additional sourcing should prove useful for those using the Encyclopedia for reference.

By IBBoard on 24th July 2006 21:36:08

Three new stories from Commissar-General

They've been sitting in the Fiction section of the Hive World Terra Forums for a while now, but I've finally had a chance to read over and add three of Commissar-General's story submissions.

All three of the pieces, Quest, Pursuit and Dark Fields, are great stories that are well written and in-keeping with the gothic style of Games Workshop.

Dark Fields is a complete 40K story in five chapters, while Pursuit is a 40K one-shot and Quest is the start of an interesting Warhammer Fantasy story. Hopefully we will see more of Quest and other stories from Commissar-General in the near future.

By IBBoard on 23rd July 2006 18:26:01

More Beasts in Velvet

More definitions have now been added and approved from Jack Yeovil's Beasts in Velvet. The new definitions are for the riverside gang known as The Fish and sword-expert Leos von Liebewitz.

By IBBoard on 19th July 2006 17:57:42

Beasts in Velvet definitions

Simguinus has now added three more definitions from Jack Yeovil's Beasts in Velvet. These cover 'Filthy' Harrald's Watchhouse 317, Watchman Joost Rademakers and Graf Volker von Tuchtenhagen.

Thanks to Simguinus for those, and I should have additional cross-referencing in other definitions soon.

By IBBoard on 17th July 2006 11:27:56

Two Dark Future definitions

Simguinus has returned again, this time adding two new Dark Future Encyclopedia definitions.

The new definitions cover Elvis Presley's Hound Dog Agency and the embarresment known as the Malvinas War.

By IBBoard on 8th July 2006 22:07:06

Emperor and Primarch definition update

Following a submission from Mark Brewer on the Emperor, I have now updated the definitions for both The Emperor and the Primarchs. Since Mark's original suggestions were under "The Emperor" instead of "Emperor, The" as I currently had the original definition listed, I've also put in a cross-reference listing for "The Emperor".

Thanks to Mark for the suggestion, and hopefully people will find the added little bits of detail useful.

By IBBoard on 6th July 2006 14:20:49

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