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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Karak-Ungor: The greatest of the Old Dwarf mines - Karak-Ungor (Kh.: "Delving Hold"). So named because of the vast and reaching network of tunnels and caverns built and mined out by the dwarfs in their quest for mineral and metal wealth. Karak-Ungor was built over a great fault in the World's Edge Mountains, allwoing access to rich veins of gemstones and precious metals.

Ironically, the very wealth of the Delving Hold was its downfall. As the dwarfs delved, they opened their mines to other caverns and tunnels, which were ultimately too numerous to be properly guarded or for all to be located and sealed. Some maintain that this was the price of the dwarfs delving "too greedily and too deep." Nonetheless, it meant that were a great many holes and cracks for Goblins to creep in through, moving abandoned and unguarded workings. By the time that the Dwarfs realised what was happening, it was too late to mount any kind of organised or effective defence, and the Goblins swarmed through the passages of Karak-Ungor, taking the tunnels one by one until the Dwarfs were forced to abandon the hold. Karak-Ungor fell to goblin assault in the year 1500 (Dwarf Calendar, c. -1500 I.C)

Karak-Ungor holds a special place in the dwarfs' ambitions; not least because of the vast veins still untapped. Karaz a Karak still sends many expeditions to make an attempt to reclaim a foothold in the Goblin-infested tunnels of the Delving. Few have ever been successful for long and fewer still have returned.

Source: White Dwarf: Issue 152 by various

Submitter: Simguinus