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Warvault goes MIA

The Warvault website ( is currently unavailable. Apparently they had a hacking attempt at some point in the last five hours and someone deleted all of their files. They're currently back up and running with a temporary forum and planning to rebuild the community, but in the mean time the Warvault Web Ring voting won't be working

I hope to see Warvault back soon, as strong as ever, and as long as other projects and Final Year Exams don't get in the way too much then I'll be helping out where I can.

By IBBoard on 15th May 2006 13:56:05

Coat d'Arms Conversion Chart available

Coat d'Arms paints (owned by Gladiator Games) used to supply Games Workshop's paints when Games Workshop sold 18ml pots. Since Games Workshop changed paint supplier, Coat d'Arms paints have continued to supply the original paints under their own names.

The Coat d'Arms site used to be under the Gladiator Games domain, but has now been moved to Although the new site lists the old Games Workshop paint name on each paint's product page, the original conversion chart no longer seems to exist. Having recovered it from the archives of the Internet, the Coat d'Arms paint to Games Workshop paint conversion chart is now available. All paint names link to the Coat d'Arms paint product page where possible.

By IBBoard on 13th May 2006 10:21:52

New event definition added

New definitions have now been added for Constant Drachenfels' Poison Feast and Henrik Kraly, the murderer of Vargr Breughel. Both definitions come from Jack Yeovil's great novel Drachenfels.

Thanks to Simguinus for the definitions, who is hinting at there being more to come!

By IBBoard on 7th May 2006 18:59:12

'The Night of Mystery' added

Simguinus has now added a definition for Geheimnisnacht, the Warhammer World's Night of Mystery.

By IBBoard on 6th May 2006 15:10:08

Three more definitions from Simguinus

Without taking the slightest breather, Simguinus has added three more definitions to the Encyclopedia. We now have our first addition for the letter Y - Yevgeny Yefimovich - as well as definitions for the minor-character Master Yeovil and the Greater Daemon Thlyy'gzul'zhaell.

Also, we now have a new category and a new word type. The encyclopedia will now cover Dark Future words as well, which Simguinus seems keen to add, and now has a separate type for 'Events and Incidents'.

By IBBoard on 5th May 2006 08:06:51

Window Tax Riots in the Encyclopedia

Simguinus has been adding more definitions to the Encyclopedia. The definitions for Window Tax and the Window Tax Riots include real world references, for those people who want to know what inspires the author. The third definition, for Inquisitor Kryptman is a bit of a retro-definition, being taken from White Dwarf issue 131.

Thanks again to Simguinus for his seemingly untiring work on the Encyclopedia.

By IBBoard on 4th May 2006 19:36:30

Real World references in the Encyclopedia

As soon as I update the Encyclopedia, Simguinus goes and adds more definitions to the list! Now added is a real-world reference for Captain Holofernest and a definitions for the small Marienburg location of Rijker's Island, also with real-world reference.

Thanks to Simguinus for the definitions, now to see what other real-world references he can come up with that I never realised existed!

By IBBoard on 2nd May 2006 20:05:41

Three new definitions and an update

Following a brief holiday, Simguinus has started his Encyclopedia Workshopica mission anew with three new definitions and an update to the Exterminatus definition. The new words are:

Thanks once again to Simguinus, who seems intent on continuing until he runs out of source material. He could be there a while!

By IBBoard on 2nd May 2006 19:00:42

IBBoard's Inquisitor Encyclopedia notes completed

Quite a while ago I made a long list of nearly a dozen sides of A4 paper covered in notes from Ian Watson's novel 'Inquisitor' that were intended for the Encyclopedia. A third of the definitions were already in the database, but the other two thirds have now been added, including definitions for Historitors, two Inquisitors (Obispal and Firenze), both High Gothic and Imperial Gothic, and the Imperial Order of the Hydra.

By IBBoard on 27th April 2006 20:51:11

Another five new city definitions

Simguinus' run of Warhammer City definitions is coming to an end, but only because he's nearly finished all of the main ones! Newly added and approved today are:

Thanks once again to Simguinus for his untiring work on these definitions. The Marienburg definitions is particularly long and detailed!

By IBBoard on 15th April 2006 10:03:03

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