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Tarik Ziz

Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Tarik Ziz: Director Secundus of the Callidus Temple of the Officio Assassinorum. Ziz is described as being short enough to be a dwarf, but without the stunting of limbs. His fingers are especially slender and delicate and he wears many rings upon them, which doubtless conceal many digital weapons and poisons. His teeth are all artificial, alternately coloured black and red, and are all canines.

His room in the Callidus Temple held many tomes and antique books, and he had a vast collection of knives and blades; from weapons the size of fingernails to much larger implements. It was he who first experimented with Polymorphine and the series of surgeries that culminated in Meh'Lindi's unique transformation. Whether this was authorised by the Supreme Director is still a matter of debate.

Some time after the events of the novel 'Inquisitor', Ziz was declared apostate by the Imperium, and hid himself on Darvash, the third planet in the Whirlstar system, where he was known as Jared Khan. In order to preserve his life, as well as a protection against Callidus agents who were hunting him, he arranged to have a dreadnought stolen from an unknown Chapter of Space Marines, and had himself implanted into it. It was here that Draco and Meh'Lindi found him, and here that he oversaw the undoing of his earlier work, allowing Meh'Lindi to change her shape freely again.

Source: Deathwing: The Alien Beast Within by Ian Watson, Harlequin by Ian Watson

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