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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Zaragoz: A city in the north-west of Estalia, located amongst the hills and crags of the Irrana mountains. It is a walled city, with paved streets equipped with many drains to carry away the waste of civilisation. Zaragoz is built into the side of one of the Irranas, and has a series of level terraces upon which houses and shops are built, rising to the castle of the Duke at the pinnacle. The castle of the duke is known locally as the High Tower. The rock that Zaragoz is built upon is riddle with caves and tunnels, some man made and others not. Social standing determines where one may build a dwelling, and only the nobility build on the highest levels.

Ruled over by a hereditary Duke, in 2502 it was the scene for a strange and terrible battle between the forces of Chaos and Law, witnessed and participated in by the Bretonnian troubadour, Orfeo.

When Orfeo visited Zaragoz in 2502 it was ruled by Marsilio diAvila, whose family had taken over by force from the Quixanas years ago. With the aid of their allies, the Cordovas, they had gained access to the High Tower of Zaragoz by means of a secret passage from the Cordova's property and ousted the old Duke. In 2497 (approx) Marsilio sought to bring greater legitimacy to his reign, and arranged to marry Serafima Quixana, last direct descendant of the old Duke. This brought about the intervention of Arcangelo, priest of Zolkan, which lead, ultimately, to the death of diAvila.

DiAvila had three notable servants in Zaragoz: Don Estevan Sceberra, his chief of secret police, Semjaza, a powerful sorcerer who used dark arts and daemons, and Lady Morella d’Arlette, a Bretonnian expatriate who dabbled with the dark arts of Slaanesh.

The actions of Arcangelo and Orfeo lead to the release of daemons from the caverns beneath the High Tower and the destruction of all three of diAvila’s henchmen, althought his daughter, Veronique, survived.

In the aftermath of these strange events, Rodrigo Cordova was left as the likely successor to diAvila, with the hard choice of whether to marry Serafima or Veronique.

Zaragoz was also the birthplace of the man who now calls himself Alkadi Nasreen, the Caliph of Mahabbah, who left around 2472 to become a pirate. The tale of events in his former home was the first of three told to him by Orfeo in 2503.

Source: Zaragoz by Brian Craig

Submitter: Simguinus