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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Praag: Kislev's second major city, Praag is a beleagured city. The northernmost settlement in the continental Old World, Praag is ever-beset by the forces of Chaos. During the Great Chaos Wars in the 24th Century, Praag was besieged by Chaos in 2301 and its gates were breached by a mighty warband led by the Champion of Khorne, Arbaal the Undefeated, and 100 Daemons. The then-Tsar, Alexis Romanoff, appealed to Emperor Magnus the Pious for aid as the forces of Chaos swept south to Kislev.

Following the defeat of the daemonic armies of Chaos, Kislevite, Imperial and Norse forces drove them back to the Chaos Wastes, allowing the citizens of Praag to return to their city. They found it greatly changed by the warping powers of Chaos. Houses and streets had become warrens of twisted glass, walls gaped with mouths of shining teeth, and in places the streets breathed and shivered beneath the feet of the returning inhabitants. King Zoltan I ordered the city razed and burnt, so that his people might build a new, clean place to live. At first, he seemed successful, but mere construction work was not sufficient to erase the taint of Chaos. Within a year, the old buildings began to grow back; the city whispered, then the night air was filled with screams of agony and terror. Even now, faces appear in walls and hands grasp from the pavements; only by vigilant burning and rebuilding is an air of normalcy retained in Praag.

Praag has a grim reputation, for obvious reasons, and remains under constant threat of war and invasion from the Wastes. In the Stalgrad Palace, King Zoltan broods, pondering how he can erase the taint of Chaos from his realm. Praag breeds hardy folk, its harsh winters and strange horrors swiftly build steel in any inhabitant who stays.

Praag also has a duke, a position currently held by Enrik Kozinski.

Felix Jaeger and Gotrek Gurnisson have visited Praag, and stood on its walls with its defenders when the Chaos Warrior Arek Daemonclaw brought warbands representing the four Chaos Powers to Praag, with his advisors Kelmain Blackstaff and Lhoigor Goldenrod.

At one point, Aldred Fellblade, Templar of Sigmar, has been in Praag. While he was hunting for Chaos Sorceror Ilek of the Burning Skull, Aldred's quest took him to the city on the edge of the Chaos Wastes.

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