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Five new Encyclopedia definitions

Thanks to the generally unnamed guests who have submitted the latest batch of Encyclopedia submissions. All of them have now been approved.

The list of new submissions is:

The submissions are greatly appreciated, and will be credited to the submitter (where known) as soon as I add the additional information.

By IBBoard on 4th March 2006 19:25:30

New stories from Brannick and Hulls Raven

Added over the past couple of days are two stories, one from Brannick of Warvault and one from a new forum member called Hulls Raven.

Crimson Fist I : The Necroshpere, by Hulls Raven, is a story of three chapters that follows Captain Syakotus and Inquisitor Nathan Salvanfor in their mission to recover the powerful Necrosphere. Will they succeed, or will the Ordo Hereticus catch up with the Radical Inquisitor before they retrieve it?

Diamond Toof Da Thinka by Brannick contains two chapters following the actions of Warboss Gragslak Diamond Toof and his Bad Moon Boyz. Who will they fight, who will they kill, and how deaths will be disobedient Boyz?

Thanks to both authors for submitting their great stories.

Also, you may notice that there is a new system for reading stories. When you select a story from the list, you will now see a chapter list. This is provides a synopsis for each chapter - much more useful for these new multi-chapter pieces.

By IBBoard on 4th March 2006 09:22:30

'Quick Painting Tips' article added

Newly added (well, newly ported over from the Forums) is a Quick Painting Tips. The article was requested by a forum member who was just starting his army and wanted to know how I didn't take all year to paint my Ork army.

Hopefully the article will prove useful to some people.

Also, expect to see a new Warhammer 40,000 FanFiction story coming soon from a new forum member…

By IBBoard on 21st February 2006 19:00:46

New Encyclopedia Definitions added

Thanks to the very kind visitor who will be known as 'trouble_gum' (so as to protect his/her full email address) for their submissions. They pointed out a couple of typos in the definition of the Emperor's Tarot suit Mandatio, as well as submitting definitions for the Adeptio and Creatio suits.

These definitions are now available, and I will add a method of better crediting submissions in the next few days.

By IBBoard on 19th February 2006 20:30:40

Painting converted Grots article added

It took a while, but I've now added an article about painting Grots converted from Goblins. The original article, Converting Grots from Goblins only covered the conversion itself. The new article describes my techniques and shows the final mob.

Now I just need to assemble the other twenty Goblins I just bought and make up that second mob of Gretchin!

By IBBoard on 15th February 2006 21:10:17

Hive World Terra is Four Years Old!

I've just skimmed the latest Warvault Community News and saw the mention of the 2nd birthday of the Kovash Tauva Tau forums.

It got me thinking - how old is Hive World Terra? A quick look at the WhoIs information shows that the original domain that the site was at one point hosted under (as the subdomain was bought in late December 2001.

Re-reading the front page that I wrote ages ago, Hive World Terra itself opened in the following January, with first picking us up four years tomorrow. That means that at some time during this month, Hive World Terra was Four years old!

OK, so the Hive World Terra 'site' was originally a forum for my old Clan-Bertram website (which was even older, with its Games Workshop downloads) with a tiny 'about the forums' mini-site, and it was hosted on free hosting before then, but Hive World Terra has developed from those roots.

Unfortunately there wasn't any big announcement when we started up - it was just something that slowly wandered its way over from the old free F2S hosting - so there's no specific nostalgia, but it's great to know that Hive World Terra as and have been going for so long!

I'll try and remember to have a proper announcement for our 'real' original Hive World Terra birthday in March (taken from my forum profile) - we'll be 5 years old!

By IBBoard on 31st January 2006 22:01:50

'Grots from Goblins' - Part one (the conversion)

The Converting Grots from Goblins article is now online! The article follows the conversion process for converting a box of Warhammer Goblins in to a mob of Gretchin with a variety of Grot-ish weapons.

The first part covers the important bits - converting the actual models. The second part - painting the models - will follow soon, complete with in-progress and completed shots. They aren't masterpieces, but they look good on the tabletop!

By IBBoard on 31st January 2006 21:16:06

Coming soon - Grots from Goblins

Following on from my article about how to do Games Workshop on the cheap, I'm planning to finish off my forum-posted article of "Grots from Goblins" - a brief run-down of how I avoided paying £5 for 4 metal Grots, and instead paid £15 (back before one of the price hikes) for 20!

All that is needed is a bit of tidying up and the final pictures of the whole mob. The weather should be good and clear and bright for the next few days, so good for the photography!

Also, although most of my time is spent on things related to the Skins @ Hive World Terra website, I'm always open to contributions. If you have anything you want to submit, or anything you think we should add, please contact me.

By IBBoard on 28th January 2006 17:07:05

New encyclopedia definition

Thanks to the unknown guest for submitting a definition for the Defence of Stalinvast (an Imperial ship, not the general battle taking place in Stalinvast). This has now been approved and added as the latest entry in the Encyclopedia of Games Workshop.

Also, earlier today, I began the migration of one of the old articles I had previously ignored - the Warhammer 40,000 Product List.

The old article was still available as a HTML page and was still getting hits, so it is now being included in the site and being updated to include 4th Edition.

Once this product list is done, I will also update and migrate the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Product List.

By IBBoard on 17th January 2006 22:48:50

Site skin updated

It's only a minor change, but I felt like making it as a break from revision.

The Hive World Terra skin is now more streamlined than it was previously. Most of the images have gone, and only simple boxes remain.

One or two minor tweaks may still be made to the skin, but I think the simpler skin with less distractions is an improvement.

By IBBoard on 11th January 2006 13:46:40

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