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Encyclopedia updated

New features have now been added to the encyclopedia - or more accurately there is now access to the features! As well as a selection of just over 20 words now in the listing (culled from White Dwarf 293) there is now the ability to filter on letter, category and word type. Extra features including definition submissions and full searching will appear later.

By IBBoard on 19th May 2004 10:03:43

Encyclopedia uploaded and begun!

The new Encyclopedia of Games Workshop has now been uploaded and is running. Although its currently in a basic state and somewhat empty, it might as well be there as sitting on my computer waiting for a future stage of completion!

For now there are only minimal features and a few entries, but it gives an idea as to what the completed resource will be like. The encyclopedia is available here.

By IBBoard on 18th May 2004 21:24:57

Coming soon - the ultimate Encyclopedia of Games Workshop!

I'm currently working on a new Encyclopedia module. When I complete it enough to put it on this website it will become the beginnings of an "Encyclopedia GW" containing definitive listings of all characters, planets, organisations and words that people can come up with! Although the initial content will be begun by me, others will be able to submit their own words and definitions. This allows every novel, Codex and book of background to be scoured for the ultimate list of everything Games Workshop!

By IBBoard on 18th May 2004 19:48:47

Warhammer 40,000 ADFs completed

All of the Warhammer 40,000 ADFs have now been uploaded and listed in the Downloads section. It's amazing how long it can take to add 35 files and descriptions into the system! The Warhammer ADF files will wait until last to be updated as they are for 4th/5th edition and so much less important and useful to all but the most avid gamer.

By IBBoard on 8th May 2004 21:02:42

ADF files added

Some of the Warhammer 40,000 ADF files have now been added to the Download section of the website. The listing is half way there, with more being added next time I have a chance.

By IBBoard on 8th May 2004 18:46:11

More work underway

After a long delay, a little more work is underway in the conversion from the old website to the new HWT system.

By IBBoard on 9th April 2004 17:21:40

Downloads added

Eight new downloads have been added to the new HWT website. These include some Rollcall essentials and other useful items from the old website.

By IBBoard on 17th March 2004 22:25:00

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