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Warning: This definition may contain spoilers from any number of Games Workshop novels or source books.

Chosen: Within the Adeptus Astronomica, young pyskers are initiated as Acolytes, and taught the Lore of the Astronomican.
Through this they learn to control and use their psychic powers much as they would had they been part of the normal teaching programs of the Scholastia Psykana, but the Lore of the Astronomican focuses primarily on the nature of the Warp itself. Acolytes must learn and study philosophy, seeking to attain a mystical state of self-understanding, opening them to unique perception of themselves, the Universe and the Warp.

Those who achieve this enlightened position, become the Chosen: those who give their psychic energies to create the Astronomican itself. The Chosen are regarded as having transcended this plane of existence, to have found a new and rarefied sensibility beyond that of the Instructors or even the Master. They are said to be approaching the state of mind of the Emperor himself. The Chosen shave their heads and wear yellow robes and a scarlet badge to identify themselves, and spend the rest of their lives in prayer and contemplation until they are called to serve in the Chamber of the Astronomican.

Here they will give up their very life energies in the creation and maintenance of the Astronomican.

The average Chosen lasts for approximately 3 months before dying.

Source: White Dwarf: Issue 140 by various

Submitter: Simguinus